Chip Douglas

Chip DouglasHere lies Chipdouglas, level 30 Mage.  He will forever be remembered as my first PvP kill, as well as my second.  I was questing around Mystral Lake in Ashenvale, killing some mobs in the water when I stumbled upon Chipdouglas, swimming around not too far from me.  I hesitated at first, seeing that he was five levels above me, but ultimately decided to just go for it, and started to swim towards him.  I opened up with a Frost Shock so that I could keep him close and proceeded to wail on him with my staff, casting Earth Shock (a Shaman’s best friend) whenever it was available.  Finally free from my Frost Shock, poor little Chipdouglas tried to flee, but I wasn’t having any of that.  I followed him up on to the land, dropped an Earth Bind totem to put an end to his cowardly run, and finished him off with another Earth Shock.  I finally had my first PvP kill.  I continued with my questing, minding my own business, when just a few minutes later I saw a freshly resurrected Chipdouglas heading towards me.  Without thinking I immediately cast Earth Shock, dropped an Earth Bind totem and killed him once again.  Not wanting to tempt fate I quickly finished up my quest and headed back to Astranaar.

The next day, after killing some Harpies in the Charred Vale in Stonetalon Mountains I was jumped by a Tauren Hunter.  Low on health and mana, I decided to run.  The Hunter’s pet was hot on my heels as I sprinted out of the valley in Ghost Wolf form only to run smack dab into an Orc Warrior.  He started giving chase as well, but neither of the Horde players were able to keep up and I managed to escape.  Unable to just let their brazen attacks upon me go unpunished, I recharged my health and mana and headed back to hunt down the Horde dogs.  I came upon the Warrior first and made quick work of him; it was no contest.  After a minute or two of searching, I found the Hunter and sprinted towards him.  I popped out of Ghost Wolf form, dropped a bunch of totems, and before he could even turn around to face me he was at half of his health.  He didn’t even try and fight, opting to run instead, except my Earth Bind totem kept him nice and close.  Just a few seconds later he lay dead at my feet.

I also had my fair share of deaths this weekend as well, in particular at the hands of a Horde Shaman, one level below me, who obviously knows more about the class than I do.  He killed me the first time by surprise when I was out of mana, and when I came back for revenge he made quick work of me again.  I obviously still have a lot to learn, but I’m slowly getting there.  To this point I’m really enjoying playing on a PvP server, I find it adds a lot to the experience.  Venturing into contested zones adds that extra bit of danger that wouldn’t otherwise be there on a PvE server, and it can be quite a rush seeing that red name hovering over another player off in the distance.  Fun stuff.

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  1. Sounds like you’re having a blast on the PvP server. My warrior had his first pvp kill the other day too. These two horde questing together thought they could take me down. They were both about 2 levels lower than me so I was going to leave them alone. They decided to slap some DoTs on me so I charged in and made short work of both of them. They definitely kept their distance after that.

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