Host Transfer Complete?

It appears as though my transfer to a new webhost has gone smoothly, although I’ve still got that, “it’s quiet… too quiet” feeling. I made the DNS change yesterday afternoon and it appears to have already propagated, at least in my neck of the internet woods. So, hopefully the site is available to everyone again, although if it isn’t, then you may not actually be reading this.

While it appears that I’ve been able to transfer over the site intact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was the odd broken link here or there. The end result will hopefully be a more stable site, and while it may be completely psychological at this point, I think I’m getting a slightly faster response time. One thing for sure is the back end side of this web host (Host Gator) is much better than my previous host, having more features and up to date applications. All seems well so far, but of course it’s much too early to say for sure.

For those who may be wondering, my old host was Netfirms. I was with them for two years, most of which was just fine and dandy. Periodically however, especially lately, my site kept going down and having connection issues (timeouts, slow speed, etc). The flip-side to that, is I know of someone hosting their site there who is having no problems at all.

As for moving my WordPress installation, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it went. Working in the IT industry has led me to expect that not all things go as well as they’re supposed to, especially when you’re dealing with databases. Fortunately I just have a rinky-dink site with a tiny database (hey, it’s how I use that database that matters!) and things seem to have gone smoothly.

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  1. It seems to load faster for me too. I think one of the main reasons I’m sticking with netfirms is because I’m too lazy to swap over my 2 websites.

  2. A few weeks go Telus started all the standard web ports for most of it’s clients that has brought my 8 year web hosting to and end for several sites. And strangely, completely independently, I found Host Gator as well. So far I’m happy with their service. Especially since I’m hosting ALL of my websites including 3 I do for charity for about $10/month and the entire transfer has been exceptionally smooth. I’ve used Live Chat to solve all my requests like fixing webroot, getting ssh access. I have found a few things here and there that I suspiciously think are done to get naive users to pay the $25 installation fees. One that stands out, if you use quickconfig php.ini setup it puts double quotes around the default_mimetype. “text/html” when none are needed. And it compounds the problem each time you remove them and hit save. After a few tries it looked like this “””text/html”””. And they were zero help on this issue, which may have been by design. After that I edited the php.ini by hand and things worked perfectly. All aside unlimited disk storage + unlimited bandwidth for all my personal websites was just too good to pass up.

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