Death of CGW/GFW

It’s been posted on a bunch of other sites already, but I couldn’t let this one skip by so I’ll add my two cents on the passing of Games For Windows, the magazine. It sucks. Really, really sucks. GFW was easily my favourite mag; the writing was excellent, the stories were interesting, the editors were funny. Pretty much everything that PC Gamer, the only “major” PC gaming mag left, isn’t. Especially lately, PC Gamer has been extra craptacular, seemingly written for eight year olds. But I digress. Jeff Green’s blog has the announcement which you can read here. Sure, they’re just calling it a “transition” to a digital format, and their podcast, which is awesome by the way, will still be around, but I have my doubts they’ll be around for long. I hope I’m wrong.

So really, is print media dying? Do that many people really prefer to do their reading online? I certainly do my fair share of reading on the web of course; all the blogs, news sites, etc. But I always have room for a good old fashioned magazine in my hands, whether sitting out on the deck, or stuck on an airplane.

If I were PC Gamer, I’d do whatever I could to get Jeff Green to be my editor in chief, and bring in Shawn Elliott, Sean Molloy, and Ryan Scott as well. Then it’d be worth buying again.

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  1. This makes me sad. I wasn’t a regular reader or subscriber to the magazine, but it was definitely my favourite PC gaming magazine out there. Maybe I’ll go out and buy their last issue.

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