FlyingThis past weekend I managed to ding level 31 for Ordeth, my Draenei Shaman. This is the highest I’ve ever leveled a character in WoW, a 29 Dwarf Warrior being my previous high long ago. It was an interesting weekend; I didn’t get a lot of time to play but I still managed to get a fair bit done in just a few hours, one of the things I like best about WoW. The picture is of me flying down to the Exodar after doing the Call of Air quest to get my Wind Totem. I’m still enjoying the Shaman, it’s a great class, although I burn through Mana like crazy.

I had an interesting PvP experience Friday evening. Level 29 at the time, I was doing some quests in Ashenvale when I stumbled upon a level 28 Horde Shaman. We both immediately engaged each other, but I was able to take him out. Low on health and mana, I retreated up a hill and hid myself in a little nook behind a tree to have some food and drink. While my character sat down enjoying his snack, I turned away from my PC to watch the TV I have in the room to check out the hockey game. The one thing I’m slowly learning about playing on a PvP server is that it requires a bit more attention than a PvE server. It seems I developed some harmful habits playing exclusively on a PvE server for my three plus years in EverQuest II that don’t carry over to a PvP server very well. Things such as pointing my character in the direction he needs to go, sticking him on autorun, then turning my attention away to my other PC while my character runs obliviously towards his location. Or, things like parking my character to drink and turning away to watch a bit of TV. The sound of my character being whacked in the head brought my attention back to my PC. Apparently I’m not great at hiding, or perhaps I had been followed, but regardless, I had a level 28 Troll Rogue rapidly depleting my health. I quickly tried to cast Ghost Wolf to run away, but it was too late, and I soon found myself in the spirit world running back towards my lifeless corpse. After reviving I got back to killing mobs in the immediate area for my quest, when just a few minutes later I spotted that same Rogue just a short distance away. Payback time. I buffed up, popped into Ghost Wolf form and sprinted towards him. I went through all my Shaman’s bag of tricks and it didn’t take long to exact my revenge. Satisfied, I moved on and continued with my quest, only to come across the Rogue yet again about ten minutes later, this time engaged with two mobs, with a third close by. He was in trouble, and would be an easy target for me. I closed in. Putting myself in his shoes, I envisioned myself struggling against two mobs, a third ready to join the fight, my health dwindling, and then to top it off, seeing a sworn enemy closing in to take advantage of the situation. I ran up beside him, pulled one of the mobs off him, and engaged the third before it could pounce on the Rogue. With all the mobs dead at our feet, I turned towards the Rogue, targeted him, and emoted a /salute. He /nodded back, then we headed off in separate directions.

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