Epic struggle for an Epic

ChelsithHow many readers of Timesink who play EQ2 have their Epic weapon? If you aren’t complete where are you in your questing progress?

I confess I am not as far as I should be. Should be? I mean up to date with the rest of my guild. My wife and I are well behind the curve with the rest of our guild. In fact I may be mistaken but we are the only 2 that don’t have them.

When they were initially released there was a mad push by most in our guild. Most times I logged in I was immediately asked to tank a heroic instance for one of my guildies to advance their progress. I always obliged and unfortunately neglected the progress of my own quest. My wife being a Defiler had an initially bugged quest that needed to be patched and then had to go into the deepest reaches of Seblis to get an update. It was tough going and it soured our desires to continue on the quest for sometime especially when a few steps included grinding faction in mind numbing repeating quests.

Chelsith PanoramaLately our desire has returned to continue on slowly but surely. A very pleasant surprise was when we both got to a point when we needed an update in Chelsith. I knew nothing about this zone as my questing had never took me to this instance before. Chelsith is the lost underwater city of the Yah – Lei, a fish-man race. The whole zone radiates a green glow and stuff oozes and slimes everywhere. Almost all the architecture resembles some sort of genetalia and is prime for poopie jokes.

I have to say this is now my favorite instance to run. The design is just beautiful. It’s a tough zone, and you need a pretty competent group to get through it. With my patented “Bull in a china shop” method of tanking an Illusionist makes my life pretty sweet when I grow impatient and accidentally pull an extra mob.

Die Fish-Man!I hope the screen shots I took do this zone justice.

This weekend I will continue on my quest for my Epic weapon. I have to hit Kanor’s Castle. I’m not really looking forward to it to tell the truth. It’s not one of my favorite zones. My “fondest” memory of it was when a innocent group of mere level 73-ishs decided to check it out for the first time. After about 23 wipes in the front foyer we decided to call it a night.

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  1. All penis jokes aside….
    Maybe we should look into FRAPS videos for Timesink.

    The main design of Chelsith is a circle, with 5 pits. In each pit or well there is a different looking leviathon. In the first screen shot one of the fish man runs up to the well and throws a fish into it. This raises the leviathon to feed. It’s actually quite cool.

  2. This reminds me of my “quest” to get my Quel’Serrar sword in World of Warcraft. It’s nothing in comparison to your quest by the sounds of it.

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