I Believe I Can Fly

Lights Hope ChapelLast night I thought I was going to have a short window of play time, enough to log in and run around, but not really enough time to commit to doing anything useful. With that in mind, during the day I started up a friendly bet with my co-worker Marc that I could get all the flight points I had yet to get on the Eastern Continent. This is something I’ve always enjoyed doing with any of the new characters I’ve started up; getting the flight points in places I really have no business being in.

Using a map of the Eastern Continent that I had printed out, I determined the following were the points I had yet to get, in order of my perceived difficulty (zone level ranges are in brackets):

  1. Ghostlands (level 10-20)
  2. Aerie Peak (Hinterlands, 45-50)
  3. Thorium Point (Searing Gorge, 43-50)
  4. Morgan’s Vigil (Burning Steppes, 50-58)
  5. Nethergarde Keep (The Blasted Lands, 45-55)
  6. Light’s Hope Chapel (Eastern Plaguelands, 53-60)

There’s another one on Sunwell Isle, however, it was determined that it would be impossible to get until I was close to 70, so it was exempt from the list given that I’m currently level 34.

Now, with the exception of Sunwell Isle, it’s not impossible to get to these points. The trick is to get to them without dying. Marc, along with my other WoW-playing friend, both agreed that Light’s Hope Chapel would be the toughest to get to. At first, Marc didn’t think I’d get there at all, “there’s NO way!”, but he eventually changed his tune, betting I wouldn’t be able to get there without dying at least three times. Challenge issued, I set out to prove him wrong.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to play last night that I thought I would, but this morning, in the wee hours before work, I had fifteen minutes available to try to make it to Light’s Hope Chapel. I flew up to Chillwind Point from Menethil Harbor and started heading north. Not too long into my journey, I ran into some trouble at Anderhol Ruins. I aggro’d a couple mobs, much higher level than I, and was forced to run. Jumping into a nearby river, I discovered that the mobs wouldn’t follow me into the water, lucky me. I continued my journey east, through the Western Plaguelands, reaching the Eastern Plaguelands without further incident.

Aside from some aggro right at the beginning of the zone, the Eastern Plaguelands was going quite well, without a mob in sight. I happily ran along the road in my trusty Ghost Wolf form, confident that I’d make it to Light’s Hope Chapel without even a single death. Then I came upon Corin’s Crossing. My path was now littered with undead mobs who would be more than happy to beat me into a pulp. Standing at the outskirts of the crossing, I surveyed the area. The Pestilent Scar prevented me from going around to the left, so I started to circle around to the right. It took approximately two seconds to have a trail of enemies, four, maybe five, on my tail. I tried to outrun them, but I was promptly snared or stunned, I don’t know which, before I was ground into a fine powder. Death number one.

I resurrected, eager to continue my journey after the minor setback, only to draw instant aggro from somewhere. I frantically tried casting Ghost Wolf so I could run away, but death number two came to me before I could get the spell off. I resurrected a little more carefully and headed east, took a wrong turn, and ended up just outside of Tyr’s Hand. I turned and headed north, and although the path in front of me seemed clear, I pulled aggro from some unknown foe. I put my head down and ran… straight into more mobs. With three bad guys nipping at my rear, Light’s Hope Chapel came into view. I struggled forward towards my goal, with just a sliver of health remaining.

I was about five feet from one of the Chapel guards when I was overtaken by my third death. Hand outstretched towards the guard I managed a gurgled, “why?….” then slumped to the ground. Thanks for the help, stupid! After reviving, I took about five steps and was at the flight point, but there was no rejoicing. I had lost the friendly bet. Regardless, I dusted myself off and quickly ran north towards Ghostlands. It was just a short journey through the northern part of the Eastern Plaguelands in order to reach Ghostlands. Ghostlands, of course, is just a 10-20 level zone, so that flight point was easy to get.

So, with the “hardest” flight point done, I’ll try and get the rest tonight, but I may not have time. As punishment for winning the bet, I’m making Marc run me through Scarlet Monastery with his 70 Pally. Sucker.

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