WoW: Things I Wish I Knew

I’m a month and a half into my journey through the World of Warcraft, my Draenei Shaman is sitting at level 38, and I’m feeling less like a “newbie” every day. After three and a half years with EverQuest II, it was weird to come into another MMO not knowing a whole lot. Obviously the concept is the same, get quests, kill monsters, get loot, and repeat, but every MMO I’ve played has its own way of doing things. After 38 levels, there are a few things I’ve come across that I wish I knew about WoW back when I started.

I created a Shaman because the class description sounded like something I’d enjoy playing. After creating him, the first thing I wanted to know was what attributes (strength, agility, spirit, etc) were the best for him. The WoW manual doesn’t offer any hints or suggestions beyond the basic descriptions of the attribute, so thinking my Shaman was more of a caster class, I was focusing on intelligence and stamina, with a bit of spirit mixed in for the healing aspect of the class. Well, after chatting with my WoW-veteran friend, I had it all wrong, and am now focusing on strength, agility and stamina because I had chosen to spec into the Enhancement tree, which is melee focused. Silly me.

Game Mechanics
I was really annoyed at first when trying to heal myself. I would hit my heal skill, then I would have to click on myself to actually cast it. Frustrating, to say the least, when in the middle of a slugfest with just a sliver of health remaining. Then I learned I could just hit the alt key and click the heal skill to automatically cast it on myself. This has greatly improved my play.

In my early days of EverQuest II, I was notorious for never having any food or drink. I eventually got that under control and always had a supply on hand, and there was much rejoicing. I reverted back to my old ways however, when I started WoW. Being the patient soul that I am, I paid no attention to food and drink, happily waiting for my health and mana to regenerate between fights. It wasn’t until I grouped up with my friend and held us back because of my depleted mana that he finally cracked and asked, “don’t you have any food?”, to which I replied, “huh?”. Now I know that I need to specifically use the food to regenerate my health and mana. I much preferred EQ2’s system for that, where you just need to have it equipped and it’ll last for however long it lasts, depending on the quality of food. It seems like in WoW, I’m constantly having to eat and drink.

From what I’m told, “everyone” maxes First Aid as one of their secondary professions, so that’s what I had intended on doing as well. Of course, I didn’t really know how to train first aid at all, so I never paid any attention to it. To relieve my overflowing inventory, I would sell off the stacks of linen and wool cloth that I had in my bags, figuring they were just vendor trash. Well, turns out you need those to level up first aid. I have since gone back to zones I have out-leveled and killed a bunch of grey mobs in order to get linen and wool.

I wish I knew that Warlocks were able to resurrect themselves using Minor Soulstone. Maybe then I wouldn’t have been so cocky, barely alive myself, after killing a Horde Warlock, emoting /laugh while standing over his lifeless corpse, only to have him pop back up on his feet and kill me off. Who’s laughing now?

These are just a few of the things that have stood out so far, but most of all I wish I knew that I was going to like WoW this much… I wouldn’t have started playing it.

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  1. First Aid lets you make bandages out of dropped materials. You can use those bandages to heal yourself for a certain amount, depending on the quality of the bandage.

  2. The reason why “everyone” has max first aid at 70 is because it’s an in-combat self heal that isn’t on the potion cooldown. Potions are good because they can be used in the middle of combat but they have a 2 minute cooldown. Bandages are good because they can be used in combat and can spare your healers some time. The only drawback is that it’s channeled, so any damage taken will interrupt your bandaging. Unfortunately food and water requires you to be out of combat to use.

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