Not Having Fun? Quit Playing!

I was poking around the forums of my old guild where I read a post by one of the officers saying he is “frustrated and tired by the lack of recent raid progress”. There’s the usual talk of people not taking the raids seriously, not showing up on time, and not doing their “job” while on the raid. I honestly don’t think any of those issues are unique to just one guild. Any guild that I’ve been a part of that claimed to be “casual raiders” has gone through the very same issues. The parts of the post that really stuck out though, were quotes saying that being a guild officer “isn’t a fun job”, referring to many of the guild management duties as “all of this bullshit”, and finally, “We do not benefit one iota from being the guild leadership”. I don’t want to take these quotes out of context, they were written in an attempt to illustrate to the rest of the guild that being an officer is a lot of work, and if they were going to be successful, everyone in the guild would need to start taking their roles seriously. That said, it seemed to me like the officer hasn’t been having a whole lot of fun for the past while, which begs the question, why continue?

I’m not disputing that being an officer can be hard work, but if you’re not enjoying it, stop doing it. If playing a game stresses you out to the point where you’re constantly frustrated and not enjoying the experience, why are you paying $15 a month? Why are you paying money to be miserable? I was reading the WoW official forums the other day and one poster had written a massive post regarding the state of the game, how the current and perceived future PvP systems suck, PvE sucks, raiding sucks, and so forth. He also said he’s been playing since launch. If everything sucks as bad as you say it does, why are you paying money for such a sucky experience? Similarly, it kills me to see someone in out-of-character chat going on about how bored they are, how they have nothing to do… really? Have you tried logging out and doing something else?

I’ve certainly been guilty of a similar situation, having played EverQuest II three months beyond the point I realized I was no longer having fun. Now that I’ve changed games and am playing WoW, I’ve promised myself that the instant I’m no longer having fun, I’m quitting. It won’t matter if I haven’t achieved max-level, or gotten the Chestpiece of Uber-leetness; if I’m not enjoying the experience, I’ll be moving on to something else. So far I’m enjoying my WoW experience a lot, and I think a great deal of that is because I haven’t placed any pressure on myself, I don’t feel a need to play. This isn’t a job, it’s a hobby that I’m doing for fun, and that realization has been very liberating.

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