Life after raiding

GuildlessAfter much debate my wife and I have quit our raiding guild. We have been thinking of doing this for a long time but it had come time for us to leave. One of the reasons was that raiding was becoming another job for us. We had a boss getting on our cases; raid leader, and had a time table to follow and evenings to commit. When we realized that we just weren’t enjoying it anymore we decided to give our 1 week notice, LOL, and leave. We also found that we had no desire to log in to play just by our selves or do grouping. We hadn’t even thought about finishing our epic weapon quests or many of the other quest lines.

To tell the truth it was quite hard leaving. We had unspent DKP, just wanted that one last piece of loot that would set us up, just wanted one more boss kill to finish a quest. It was like quitting a drug habit. The hardest part was the friends we left. After we left the raiding guild we went down into the alt guild. Everyone was still there most of the time but when raid time came everyone cleared out and there we were alone with nothing to do. At least that’s how it felt the first week. I believe that was our detox period. Can you tell I’ve been watching Celebrity Rehab?

Spirit worldMy first order of business was to get my wife’s Defiler her epic. In one day we got pick up groups from guidies and whoever could help out. Mainly we duod most of the quest line, realizing the difference raid gear made in everyday questing, things came to us quite easy. We finished the majority of the quest and left Maiden’s Chamber to return to the next day. We logged in the next evening to find that a guild group was about to kill the last boss. After much eyelash batting on my wife’s part she was swapped in and easily got the quest update.

All that remained was the final psychedelic portion where we entered a dream world. This was the most unique instance I have so far done in EQ2. Basically it was a small instance based off the Shard of Fear, except everything was in a sick shade of yellow and swooped and swerved. Using 4 people in the group we easily defeated the encounter and we got the epic weapon, Dream Scorcher.

Xalgoz vs WarghoulMy second order of business is to get Warghoul’s Shadow Knight Epic. Yesterday I assembled a group and quickly dispatched Karnor’s Castle. Our group got some nice loot, Drolvarg Lore & Legend book, 2 got their level up to 76, and finished by completing the ring event to kill Xalgoz in the basement. I then dragged my group to Teren’s Grasp to kill a named and then convinced our group to head to The Shard of Fear. After quickly burning though the instance my guildies were called to raid and my wife and I logged out of the game to enjoy the rest of our evening out of game. I have 2 instances to complete and 1 named to kill in Neriak.

Shard of FearIt seems leaving the raiding guild has been quite productive for us. I can totally see us leaving the alt guild due to the temptation to ask to come back into raiding. That coupled with the fact that the alt guild is quite lonely at times. Maybe I think it’s lonely because I wasn’t hearing people being berated in Ventrillo during a raid, or being the center of some server drama caused by over zealous guildmates. I can definatly say though that EQ2’s volume has been significantly turned down. We are also thinking checking out some different games. Age of Conan looks kind of cool. At least now I don’t feel I’m letting others down for not showing up to play.

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