Getting it done.

My new sword: Sedition!Since leaving raiding my productivity in game has been awesome.

This weekend I finally finished my Shadow Knight epic weapon quest. I wasn’t planning on doing this quest but the opportunity to do Maiden’s Chamber came up.

I have been working on an alt lately, a Troubador, and have been stuck at lvl 74 for what seems forever. While questing in Kunzar Jungle a call came up from a guildie for a Crypt of Agony run. At level 74 the XP was pretty good, and after not screwing up at all I was asked to continue onto Maiden’s Chamber. The Discovery XP alone was awesome and I soon dinged 75. Drusella, the main boss, was too much for the group and I brought Warghoul in the tank the final encounter. I got the update for my epic weapon for killing the boss and quickly organized a Vaults run. Another update down. One named away from finishing, I convinced the group to come to Neriak with me to complete this quest that had taken me over 4 months to complete.

My new sword: Sedition!After a cool encounter with a giant Shadow Knight I found my sword under the bed of the Princess in the Royal Palace.

I quickly adorned “Sedition” with a 3% chance to block and I’ve been slicing though mobs ever since. To test the power of my newly acquired weapon I decided to progress on yet another epic line of quests to get the Fabled “Band of Thuuga”.

I put the Troubador on auto follow along with a Defiler and have powered through this quest. In 1 day I am on the last couple of steps from a really cool item for each of my toons. If there are any SKs out there that read this and have not got your epic weapon yet I urge you to make this a priority. Aggro issues have gone down tenfold. It’s really easy to get aggro control now on mobs and the DPS I’m putting out is unreal. I can only imagine what the fabled version of this can do.

Kind of makes me want to get back into raiding just to see how I parse.

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