Rock weekend.

On Friday night I was at a party at a friend’s house. After a few drinks and food, one of the guys there said to me, “You ever play Guitar Hero?”

“No. I’ve heard about it. Isn’t it just Dance Dance Revolution with a fake guitar?”

“Lemme show you”, he said as he turned on his big screen TV, clicked on the surround sound, and fired up his PS3.

Flash forward 2 hours later.


The car ride home was spent with me talking about how much fun we had playing old Poison songs and trying to master “Slow ride”. Ofcourse I was the ultimate noob playing it and the host amazed us all by pulling off the most difficult songs, never giving into my requests for him to play Slayer.

On Saturday night I was at a different friend’s house. As we arrived he said, “C’mon downstairs we have Rockband fired up.”

“No shit! I just played Guitar Hero last night for the first time. It was freakin’ awesome.”

“Wait till you try this”, he said with a smirk.

Flash forward 2 hours later.


The car ride home was spent with me trying to figure out the the finacial means to acquiring a big screen TV, a surround sound, a PS3, and Rockband. Oh yeah I NEED 2 guitars so I guess I also have to get Guitar Hero as well. Having fun is so difficult sometimes.

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  1. Its amazingly addictive. Especially if you love rock music. Rockband is way better because you can play with your friends and you can play all the songs where in Guitar Hero you have to unlock them and are sorted by difficulty. So if you see a song that you really want to play, chances are you wont be able play it because the difficulty is too hard.
    Rockband you also play together to beat the songs. If one person messes up and loses it the other memebers of the band can “save” them and save the song.

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