Ashamed of my Inner Geek

Recently a few friends and I have started holding a monthly gaming night, where we get together and play a good old fashioned board game.  We had grand plans to sample all manner of games, such as all those crazy board games coming out of Germany, but for our first game night we ran an introductory Dungeons and Dragons adventure, and it appears as though our monthly game night has now turned into a monthly D&D night.  I think it’s safe to say we’re all hooked.

None of us had any real experience with pen and paper D&D, but I had the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Game which I had purchased a while before during one of my many “I must buy something” moments, and we decided to give it a try.  The Basic Game does a great job of simplifying the rules enough to be able to jump in and start playing while maintaining a distinct D&D feel.  It’s perfect for anyone who has looked at the actual Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Masters Guide and tossed them aside; dismissing them due to the dizzying array of rules staring back at them and the amount of time it would take to read them.

We’ve had a couple game nights and have completed the adventure included with the Basic Game and are sufficiently motivated to tackle the real deal.  To that end, I’ve placed a pre-order with Amazon to purchase the upcoming 4th edition of D&D, including the three core books and one adventure module for character levels one to three.  They’re set to ship June 6th, and to be honest, I’m quite excited to get them, and I think that, without a shadow of a doubt, qualifies me as a geek.  Hardcore.

I have no problem proclaiming my geekocity loudly and proudly here on my blog; I’m going to assume a certain level of geekitude in anyone who visits a gaming blog, so I’m pretty safe here.  Apparently I’m just a big chicken at work though.  While at work the morning after our last D&D night, Joe and I were chatting about something or other, when one of our co-workers asked what we had done the night before:

Joe/David: “Oh, we just got together with a couple of other guys.”
Co-worker: “What’d you do?”
Joe/David: “Uhhh, just, you know, played some games.”
Co-worker: “Oh yeah?  Video games?”
Joe/David: “Ummm… no… just… board games.”
David, thinking: please just drop it, move on already
Co-worker: “Cool, what game?  Risk or something?”
David, thinking: seriously, stop being friendly
Joe: “No, not Risk, it’s, uhh… well…”
David, thinking: don’t say it dude
Joe: “We were playing Dungeons and Dragons.”
David, thinking: come on!

And with that, I returned to my desk.  Can I still call myself a geek, or have I lost the right to do so?

6 Replies to “Ashamed of my Inner Geek”

  1. I pride myself in being a nerd. Someone will tell me I’m a huge nerd and I’ll just agree with them. I think life would be pretty boring if I wasn’t an uber-geek.

  2. I’m not at D & D player myself however I’ve had the privilege of being in the same vicinity as a D & D game night has been held. From another room, I’ve heard the voices, the elite “D & D talk”, the monster sounds and the burst of uncontrollable laughter and it seems like they’re having the best time.

    Now, whether or not it’s due to mass amounts of sugar being digested at the time or the pure excitement of the “guys night out” but so long as your having fun, being a geek may be way to go.

  3. The sugar is clearly the main cause. Too bad our most recent night was cancelled. I was going to bring homemade cookies. (No, I wouldn’t have made them myself).

  4. For the longest time i was worried about ever letting my inner geek come out. I don’t know what happened over the last year or 2, but i let my inner geek out all the time, and it feel so so much better, even if i get weird looks every now and then.

  5. i don’t like telling people on the Bus that I’m a nerd…but Amanda seems to think it’s fine.


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