Stranglethorn Vale Douchebaggery

I was doing a bunch of questing in Stranglethorn Vale lately, and it didn’t take long to realize that its reputation as the zone most likely to get ganked in is well deserved.  There must be something in the air there because it’s definitely far worse than any other zone I’ve been in up to this point in my character’s short life.

Generally speaking, I’ve found that higher level characters (the ones listed as ?? when I mouse over them) leave me alone most of time.  Not so in Stranglethorn Vale.  I can’t count the number of times an uber toon has one-shotted me while travelling through the jungle, minding my own business.  Getting ganked doesn’t bother me in itself, I knew what I was getting into when I decided to play on a PvP server.  What does annoy me though, is when a max level character one-shots me, then proceeds to dance around my corpse emoting all manner of insults like he’s actually accomplished something.  Then to top it all off, and further demonstrate his mastery of all things WoW, he camps my corpse waiting for me to revive.  Is WoWs end-game really that boring that a max level character has nothing better to do than to camp someone 20+ levels below him?  I’m not saying this behaviour is unique to Stranglethorn, but it’s happened to me there far more than any other zones.

Just the other day I was working on a quest which had me killing a bunch of pirates south of Booty Bay.  I was level 44 at the time, and the mobs were a few levels below me, so I was engaging two at a time to speed things along.  During the middle of one fight, with two mobs on me, a level 42 Horde Rogue popped out of stealth and started attacking me.  Through a fair bit of luck, I was able to distract the mobs with an Stoneclaw Totem (taunts surrounding mobs) and disposed of the Rogue.  I then turned my attention back to the mobs I was working on and killed them too.  I was feeling pretty good about myself.

Continuing my quest, I proceeded to kill more pirates.  Towards the end of one fight, my health half gone, my mana all gone, that same Rogue popped out of invis again and attacked me, this time successfully so.  Figuring he’d be content with his revenge, I revived and continued with my quest.  Several more times, the Rogue kept coming back and attacking me, but only when I was engaged with other mobs with dwindling health.  In a word, he’s a coward.  I finally gave up and moved on to another quest.

The next day I was back in Stranglethorn working on another quest, in a completely different area of the zone, when once again, Mr. Roguey McDouche popped out of invis and attacked me while I had other mobs on me.  It took me a second to realize, but when I saw his name, Sneekya, I actually said out loud, “holy crap, it’s the same %*$#ing guy!”  He was now level 46, while I was level 45.  I see that now, from linking his armory page above, that he’s level 52, so I’m guessing I won’t be running into him much any more as he presumably tackles the higher level zones.  Still, that said, I now consider Sneekya my rival.  If I ever see him again, I’m going to attack him; I don’t care how much higher level he is.  Of course, I’ll only do so if he’s got a bunch of mobs on him already.

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  1. KOS
    Kill On Sight — This will keep a list of people that pull off “Stranglethorn Vale Douchebaggery”

    The next time they are in your radius the mod will give you a warning and you can seek that player out and kill him. I enjoyed it while i had it.

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