Look Before You Leap

Gank Night 1 (tn)I was in Arathi Highlands last night collecting some items for a quest off the various elementals in the zone. At 50, I’ve out-leveled the zone and the mobs I was farming were all gray to me, so I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing. Basically I’d engage a mob, start auto-attacking, then turn my head to watch the Stanley Cup Finals. Once my target was dead, I’d check its corpse to see if it dropped what I needed, and then repeat. It didn’t take long to discover that operating in cruise control on a PvP server can often lead to trouble.

Gank Night 2 (tn)My attention was drawn away from the hockey game and back to my computer screen by the sounds of my character getting attacked by a Horde hunter… with two friends, a Warlock and a Druid. They were in their upper 30s in level, which was still low enough for me to put up a good fight, but high enough that the three of them together were able to take me out. I managed to kill the hunter and was a good way through the Warlock before I died. The three of them then decided to camp my corpse. After reviving, I was able to take one of them out again, but reviving at a fraction of my health and mana put me at too much of a disadvantage and I found myself in the spirit world once again.

Gank Night 3 (tn)This time they were kind enough to move on from my dead corpse and I revived, mounted up, and set out to hunt them down. I wanted to see if I could take them out at full health and mana along with a sprinkling of the element of surprise. After a very quick search I came across the Warlock standing all by himself, and a devilish grin crept across my face. I headed towards him, eager for the kill, but he wasn’t moving at all, and just kept standing there. I stood right in his face, as if to say “you better start running, because I’m about to start wailing on your head” and yet, he continued to just stand there. I right clicked him and started to unleash the fury. I was dead not two seconds later. Huh? How could a level thirty-something kill me in two seconds? How could a level thirty-something kill me at all? I clicked on the Warlock who had gone back to just standing there, my corpse a crumpled heap of goo at his feet. As it so happened, this was not the same Warlock that was a part of the Three Horde Musketeers that had killed me earlier. In my thirst for vengeance, I had missed the ?? listed as this guys level. A quick look on the Armory told me this guy was level 70, bursting at the seams with purple gear. Oops. Apparently he was just standing there because I wasn’t worth his time or effort. I wonder what went through his head when I started attacking him?

Gank Night 4 (tn)Apparently my unprovoked attack annoyed him sufficiently enough to kill me two more times, not like it required much effort on his part. A few DoTs cast upon me from a distance was all it took both times. I couldn’t even get a heal off before I died. He eventually mounted up and sped off which allowed me to continue my quest. Heading towards my next destination, I came across another Horde, this one a level 40 Paladin, who I disposed of quickly and continued on my way. I managed two steps before another Paladin, level 70, and as luck would have it, in the same guild as the guy I had just killed, swooped in and killed me in about two shots – ha! I survived one of your shots… stupid! Apparently the level 40 Paladin I killed was this guys girlfriend or something, because for the next half hour he followed me around the zone, killing me over and over. Great fun was had by all… except me of course. The four screen shots accompanying this post are just a sampling of the deaths caused by this Tribalcorn dude; I had quite a few others.

Taking the hint, I high-tailed it out of Arathi Highlands the first chance I got and didn’t look back. Fortunately for me, I came across yet another Horde, this one a lowly level twenty-ish. Normally I’d leave him alone, but my pride was wounded. I killed him, and all was right in the world again.

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  1. Sounds like me in Age of Conan the other day. After being ganked by high levels all day, I couldn’t stop myself from doing the same.

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