Ode to Choober

ChooberNow level 55, I found myself in Winterspring last night, killing Ice Thistle Yetis for a quest, just east of Everlook. A few kills into my quest I noticed a level 55 Horde Hunter, Shebeast, in the area, killing the same mobs as I. I promptly had some food and drink, buffed myself up, then watched her to see if she was going to attack. I just wanted to work on my quest and was hoping to forgo the PvP dance.

We had each other targeted and just watched for a minute. She started heading towards me; I braced myself, but wasn’t too concerned because normally when a Hunter attacks, they send their pet. My fears were allayed when she reached me and proceeded to jump and hop all around me, in what I have perceived as the “let’s just leave each other be” dance.

Continuing my quest as she walked away, I pulled a mob and started to fight. Half-way through, another mob spawned right on top of me and joined the fray. After killing the two, I was low on health and mana and sat down to rest up. That’s when I saw the Hunter’s pet screaming towards me. Damn.

Shebeast then proceeded to corpse camp me for the next half hour. Yes, I know I could have just Spirit Res’d, but I chose to be stubborn. Or stupid, take your pick. Regardless, without fail, she’d attack me as soon as I revived, over, and over, and over again. I lost count of how many times.

Choober has come online.
You whisper to Choober: Yo!
Choober whispers: Yo! What’s up?
You whisper to Choober: Some Horde hunter douche is corpse camping me.
Choober whispers: I’ll be right there!

Ah, good old Choober, my fearless level 70 Paladin friend, willing to sacrifice his time to make the long trek to Winterspring to lay the smack down on a punk ass bully. I watched Shebeast from the spirit world, hovering around my corpse. She would alternate between hopping up and down on my lifeless body while emoting a laugh, and hiding behind a rock, as if unaware that I was watching her the whole time. I couldn’t wait for Choober to get there; I just hoped the Hunter would continue to stick around long enough.

Just after Choober landed at Everlook and started making his way towards me, Shebeast began the familiar Hearthstone animation. Damn. She just needed to stick around for two more minutes, but she couldn’t even grant me that wish. She was gone.

But did Choober just up and leave? No, because he’s too awesome for that kind of shenanigans. After asking what I needed for my quest he rounded up a bunch of Yetis for me and killed them, basically completing my quest for me. I offered my thanks, and said he could take off if he had other stuff to do, but he came through for me again. “What other quests have you got here?” he asked. We then spent the next half hour killing a bunch of mobs I needed.

Guardian AngelI was turning in one of my completed quests when I got jumped by two Horde players. Sure enough, Choober came flying in on his trusty steed and made short work of them. I felt so powerful, protected by my good friend. On the road back to Everlook we kept running into Horde, all of whom were promptly dispatched by my big buddy Choober and his mighty mace. Remember that Looney Tunes cartoon featuring Spike the Bulldog and Chester the Terrier? That’s what this was like. Choober my protector, my guardian angel. Choober the awesome.

So… have I sucked up enough for you to run me through Blackrock Depths?

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