Welcome to Outland

Welcome to OutlandI hit level 58 last night, and this is what I saw on the other side of the Dark Portal after taking my first steps in Outland.  Pretty cool.  I had told myself that I was going to wait until I was level 60 before visiting Outland, but I just couldn’t keep myself from doing so, I was too curious.  I ended up walking through Hellfire Peninsula, avoiding all manner of big, scary looking bad guys, and soon found myself in Zangarmarsh.  I was actually looking for Terokkar Forest so I could make my way to Shattrath, but I was glad I got lost.  Zangarmarsh looks really cool, and reminded me a little of Greater and Lesser Faydark in EverQuest II.

From the little bit I’ve seen, I’m very much looking forward to leaving the “old world’; it looks as though it’ll be fun questing in Outland.  This also means that I’m now just 12 levels away from the current level cap.  I’ve often heard that WoW is all about the end-game, so I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s all about.  My only concern at this point however, is that up until this point, I haven’t had a “real” group experience.  I’m level 58, and not once have I grouped with others aside from being run through a dungeon with a level 70.  I’m all for a solo-friendly experience, but that seems somewhat out of whack.

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  1. I hit 58 this morning and did the run to Shattrath and got the flight path. I need to stick in the old world though and try to catch up my professions to my level. It should be a little easier to find groups for instances now.

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