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Danny ButtplugThe Everquest 2 posts have not been very frequent lately. Mostly because I haven’t been playing it.
After quitting raiding, the excitement I had with EQ2 had faded really fast. I completed a number of solo quests, got my fabled Band of Thuuga, got the fabled version of my class Epic weapon, and brought an alt to level 76. My wife was playing World of Warcraft and my friends were playing World of Warcraft as well. I was grinding faction in Kunzar Jungle with my alt when I came to the realization that I wasn’t having fun anymore.

What happened? I took me while to figure out exactly what happened but it all came to me at once.

When I was in the raiding guild and RoK came out, our guild officers and leaders put a deadline on when we had to be level 80 to be prepared to hit RoK raid content. My wife and I did our best to grind through the content. We were both kind of enjoying ourselves because the content was aimed at the solo quester. It gave us a chance to relive the old days of EQ2 when we were unguilded and we had to experience almost all the game content together in a duo. We blasted through RoK in less than 3 months. We found ourselves not quite level 80 with no more quests to do. The rest of our guildies, a little bit more hardcore than us, were already 80 and dragged us through heroic instances and eventually we dinged. We didn’t once stop to “smell the roses”; we ate up content like it was going out of style.

With raiding out of the picture, heroic quests out of the way, and all solo content gone there was nothing left for us to do except level alts. I had a Troubador that was in his 30’s and decided to bring him to level 80 along with my Shadowknight.

The minute I broke into RoK content I became extremely bored. I had done this all before. I logged in less and just came in to the game to check the broker, I tried to get into groups with my Troubador but being in that “no mans land” of mid 70’s I wasn’t strong enough for any of the instances that people wanted to run.

DannyOn a whim I loaded World of Warcraft on my PC using a 10 day trial account. I created an ugly looking gnome Warlock. I found the appearances to be aweful. I had described my character to my friends already playing WoW as a cross between Danny Bonaduce and a buttplug. After playing out my trial I went out a bought the battle chest at my local Walmart.
I am now an about to be a level 21 Warlock, mildly enjoying my experience. I find lots of things quirky and un-intuitive about WoW. I am so used to EQ2’s controls and interfaces I find thing really frustrating. I have fun playing though. I am also curious about how the game changes when I come into more contested lands and do the PVP thing.

Yesterday something really unusual happened. I logged into my EQ2 account after about a month of not playing. The same annoying people were making the same annoying jokes in 70-79 chat. The same people were standing at the broker. I went to the Character Create screen and made a new toon on a different server.  I had never left my server before and thought about not having my sugar daddy level 80 to finance gear, spells and supplies. It was very liberating. No one knew me. Blank slate. I started in Timorous Deep in which I had never adventured completely in and began a career as a Ratonga Dirge. I actually had fun playing. The time passed quickly and before I knew it I was level 11.

RatsoI think I realized that I didn’t hate EQ2. I just hated my server. I don’t know how long my little Dirge will last or if I’ll keep playing him. I may lose my mind the instant I walk into Ruins of Varsoon.

I am definitely going to stick with WoW for the time being to see how things turn out and give it a fair chance. I have some really good friends playing it and my wife likes playing it. For now that’s good enough for me.

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  1. I really have no concept in WoW on how to work in a group because I’ve never been in a real group situation. How the heck am I going to raid?

  2. I am liking WoW more and more as time goes on. The grouping still annoys me – it’s probably because I’m just not used to it, but it seems so flipping chaotic. EQII is great in that I can just target through the tank. Not so in WoW. I think that’s what makes grouping so hard for me to get used to. Everything seems to happen so fast and I don’t know who I should be killing, etc.

    I loved EQII, but I haven’t even logged in to play during the free period of the living legacy promotion. I’m not even sure the upcoming expansion will be able to bring me back. We’ll see. RoK really killed that game for me.

  3. Im a big fan of Everquest 1 and no other MMOG has ever really delivered the experiece i got from playing EQ. The newer MMOG’s are too ‘noob friendly’.
    If you ever played Everquest back in the day you would understand what i mean by this. It just seems in the newer MMOG’s a lot of the players are mainly children as a lot of people that play are very imature. This is especially true in my experiences of playing WoW.
    I made 4 level 70 characters. First a hunter which i started raiding with and eventually got quite bored, the raid content just seemed dull in comparison to some of the epic raid battles in EQ.
    I decided to roll a new character, this time a mage, i got to end game and got bored again. Same again with a rogue and finaly a shadow priest. I eventually ended up leaving WoW for good because of boredom. I wouldnt go back to WoW even if the subscription was free.
    Im back on Everquest now and while its not as popular as it used to be and the graphics are very dated, im still enjoying it as much as i did the first time. I wish i had never left EQ in the first place. The best thing about EQ for me is that it seems to be more an MMOG for grown ups.

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