I intended on writing a post proclaiming my unending excitement for the Diablo 3 announcement because it’s one of my favourite game series of all time.  Upon logging in to my site though, I happened to notice that my stats for the past couple of days have been higher than they’ve ever been before.  My first thought was that I was being visited by some kind of spammer, but I soon realized that the traffic was coming from the official EQII forums, specifically this thread here, and also from the official Vanguard forums in this thread.

They were referring to my April Fool’s post saying Vanguard and EQII were going to be merged into one game.  Despite it being a very hastily (and poorly) written post, complete with a bush-league photoshopped image, I guess someone fell for it.  Yes, it was a joke, but if it ever comes true, just remember you read it here first.  Thanks for the chuckle… and the traffic.

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