With Friends Like These…

Arzeth the Merciless

…who needs enemies?  I was questing in Hellfire Peninsula when I came across Arzeth the Merciless, a level 63 elite.  One thing that World of Warcraft really does well is its bad guys; they stand out from the crowd.  Not only is Arzeth bigger than all those around him, and looks just plain nastier too, he also floats around the area taunting those within range to hear.  It was quite entertaining to watch so I stuck around for a bit and observed.

While taking some screenshots I received an invite to group out of the blue.  I declined immediately, as I always do with random group invites.  I got invited again, and just as I was about to hit decline again, I noticed the inviter was close by.  The other player was a level 70 Warrior, so I figured he saw me looking at Arzeth and  decided to be friendly and help me kill him.  I accepted the invite.  Before I could even type a quick “hello” he was running towards Mr. Merciless and engaged him.  I swiftly ran up to stand next to the fearless warrior and began attacking, immediately  pulling aggro.  Odd, I thought to myself, and continued my attack anticipating the warrior would pull the mob off me.

Instead, my new found comrade turned, and ran away, allowing Arzeth to mop the ground with my face.  I got ganked by proxy.  It’s no wonder I’ve gone through most of this game solo.

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  1. I bet it felt good to kill Arzeth afterwards when we did the quest. Though it’s not quite as epic when you gimp him with the quest item.

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