Leaving Legacy, Survey Says

I received an email notification last night that my free time in EverQuest II with the Living Legacy promotion was coming to an end which included a link to a survey regarding the promotion.  I’ve included the survey and my answers below, along with expanded explanation of some of my answers, something the survey didn’t allow for aside from the additional comments box at the very end.

I’ll preface this by saying that the Living Legacy promotion came at the wrong time for me.  It had only been a couple of months past the point I left EverQuest II, so I wasn’t really all that eager to go  back just yet.  I was, and still am, thoroughly enjoying my time in World of Warcraft.  Yes, I know, everyone and their dog has played WoW to death, but I haven’t, so it’s very new and fresh for me.  That said, I didn’t take advantage of the Living Legacy promotion as much as I thought I would.  I logged in a few times here and there, but every time I did, all the reasons that I quit in the first place came quickly flooding back.

So, keep that in mind as you read my responses.  Without further ado, questions are bolded, my answer will follow on the next line and some additional comments will be italicized :

Will you convert your trial EQII account to a paying subscription once your free play period ends?

Why won’t you convert? (Please check all that apply)
– I am bored with the game.
– I feel that my character is still advancing too slowly.
– I rather continue playing another MMO.
– I don’t care for the new content that has been added with the latest expansions.

How would you rate your overall Living Legacy experience?
In-game (game updates and social experience): Neutral (It was pretty much the same game I left)
Out-of-game (community and promotional events): Unsatisfied

How important was each of the following offers in your decision to come back and try EQII again?
In-game items – Not important
Free expansion and adventure packs – Not important (I had them already anyway)
Free gameplay – Very important (Wouldn’t have come back otherwise)
$5.00 discount coupon – Not important
Game update – Somewhat important (I wanted to see the in-game events)
Contests and community events – Not important

How did you first hear about the Living Legacy program? (Select all that apply)
Email blast
Fan site / Press site

What new content did you experience and how would you rate it?
I wasn’t sure how to answer this one, because none of the listed options were “new content” to me.  I had been there, done that, many times before.
The Fallen Dynasty Adventure Pack Content – Didn’t Try
The Splitpaw Saga Adventure Pack Content – Didn’t Try
The Bloodline Chronicles Adventure Pack Content – Didn’t Try
Desert of Flames™ Expansion Pack Content – Didn’t Try
Kingdom of Sky™ Expansion Pack Content – Didn’t Try
Echoes of Faydwer™ Expansion Pack Content – Didn’t Try
Rise of KunarkTM Expansion Pack Content – Didn’t enjoy
EverQuest II base game

Overall game experience
Then: Very Good
Now: Good

Overall polish and quality
Then: Good
Now: Good

Grouping/guild play
EQII has the best grouping mechanics in any game I’ve played
Then: Very Good
Now: Very Good

Solo play
Then: Very Good
Now: Moderate (RoK’s focus on soloing killed the game for me.  It may take a while before I feel any motivation whatsoever to come back and progress my characters past their current level of 73)

Then: Good
Now: Good

Social/community experience
For the most part, a fantastic community.  It definitely has its share of idiots, but they’re usually the exception to the rule.
Then: Very Good
Now: Very Good

Amount of content
Then: Very Good
Now: Very Good

Quality of customer service
I’ve never had to use it, which may say something in and of itself.
Then: Never Tried
Now: Never Tried

Time to resolve technical game issues
The game has always been very stable for me.
Then: Never Tried
Now: Never Tried

Ability to manage inventory, set game window preferences, equip weapons and chat with others
Easily the best UI I’ve seen in an MMO
Then: Very Good
Now: Very Good

Pacing of advancement/leveling opportunities
Then: Good
Now: Poor (Same as above, RoK ground the game to a halt for me.  With limited play time, I just felt like nothing was happening)

Quality and quantity of rewards/loot
Then: Good
Now: Good

Ability to acquire items and abilities that distinguish your character from others in-game
This has always been a problem I’ve had with the game; everyone ends up looking pretty much the same and using the same equipment.
Then: Poor
Now: Poor

Which portion of the game has been most enjoyable for you?
I struggled with this one, because I also enjoyed the Mid Level (21-60), but ultimately, my fondest memories of EQII come from the Kingdom of Sky.
High Level (61+)

Did you participate in any of the live story events or new quest/zone content additions from the regularly scheduled game updates?
No (I never did do any of those cloud killing quests, and again, none of the zones were new to me)

Why not? (Please check all that apply.)
I rather play other game content.

How do you find out about the game updates? (Check all that apply)
Fan site / Press sites

What type of updates would you prefer? (Rank 1-4, where 1 is most preferred and 4 least preferred):
1. New zones (Preferably single-group dungeons for the 70-75 level range)
2. Live story based events
3. Content updates
4. Bug fixing and game polish (Never has been a problem for me)

What would we need to improve for you to continue to enjoy EverQuest II ?
More group play activities (70-75 please)
Better solo play activities (Less grindy in RoK please)

How would you rate EverQuest II in comparison to other MMO games you’ve played?
I still consider it among the best games I’ve ever played, and easily on par with, or surpassing other MMOs in most areas

If you are leaving to play another MMO game, which game is it? (Please check all that apply)
World of Warcraft

How many other MMOs do you subscribe to right now (Not including EverQuest II )?

How many other MMOs have you subscribed to this year (Not including EverQuest II )?
2 (Wow, Vanguard)

Please answer Yes, No, or Not Applicable to the following questions:
Did you enjoy playing Legends of Norrath? -No (not my thing)
Would you play Legends of Norrath without an EverQuest II subscription? -No
If you weren’t offered free play would you have come back to EQII this summer? -No
Do you expect to return to EverQuest II at some point in the future? -Yes
Is www.everquest2players.com your main source for information? -No
Did you visit www.eqlivinglegacy.com? -Yes
Did you see the Living Legacy online ads? -Yes
Are you going to purchase the upcoming expansion in the fall? -Yes (Most likely, we’ll see)
Would you refer a friend to EQII? -Yes (I tried in fact, but they won’t leave WoW)
If you were able to earn free game play by recruiting friends would you participate? -Yes
Did you feel like you were part of the Living Legacy celebration? -No

Please select your age range:

Please select your gender:

Please provide us with any other additional feedback (255 character limit)
I played EQII for 3+ years and loved it. That is until Rise of Kunark came out. I was unable to play as much as I had in the past and watched everyone blast their ways to level 80 while I ground my way past level 70. It seemed as though there were no grouping opportunities in RoK for level 70-75 characters and the solo play ground to a boring halt very fast for me. I just couldn’t bring myself to continue. The Fens of Nathsar was a particularly boring zone. I plan on checking out the expansion, but honestly, I can’t see myself being motivated enough to work my way to the level cap unless some very interesting group zones appear for my level.

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