What Did I Ever Do To You?

I was working on a quest just outside the Refugee Caravan in Terokkar forest the other night when I ran into Mannich, a level 70 Blood Elf Warlock.  He engaged me immediately, and sensing that I, a lowly level 65 at the time, wouldn’t have a hope in defeating him, I turned tail and ran.  Fortunately I was very close to the Caravan which offered me the protection of the guards, who scared Mannich enough that he quit attacking me.

While he did stop his attack, the annoyance had only begun.  He started walking around my character, emoting just about every emote available.  I decided to move on and head somewhere else, so I mounted up and headed out.  Mannich followed.  As soon as I was beyond the protection of the Caravan guards, he attacked again.  I once more found myself turning tail and running back to the safety of the Caravan, although this time the guards sprang into action and starting laying a beat down on Mannich.  I suppose I should have taken the opportunity to leave, but I just couldn’t resist watching from the sidelines.

Mannich ended up out-running the guards, and came back again to spend some quality time with me.  This time he got on his flying mount and hovered over top of my head, following me with every step I took.  He wasn’t going to let me leave the area.  I put a quick call out to two friends online at the time, Kuarlos the fearless Warrior, and Grahn the Druid, who arrived at the Caravan lickity split.  Many emotes were shared with Mannich, and the three of us moved out from the Caravan, hoping he would follow.

We weren’t disappointed as Mannich, ever the faithful little puppy-dog, followed us out.  As soon as we were out of sight of the guards the three of us turned and unleashed on the Warlock, killing him.  Not content with the kill, we decided that his corpse needed to be camped.  We managed to kill him once more after he arose from the dead before some more Horde joined the party.  Now outnumbered, Grahn, Kuarlos and I decided it was time to take off.

Meldeth the Douche (tn)

I mounted up and started heading towards Shattrath, noticing that Meldeth, a 70 Undead Priest from the same guild as Mannich was right on my tail.  Unfortunately for him, he was the only Horde following, and my Alliance buddies and I killed him off.  This went on for some time.

Meldeth kept coming back, trying to take on the three of us, not once being successful.  The poor soul even suffered the indignity of being teabagged by Kuarlos; not even the worst of people deserve that kind of treatment.

Not long after however, more Horde reinforcements arrived, all level 70.  We booked it into Shattrath where we stayed, but Meldeth continued to follow me wherever I went.  It seems as though Meldeth had taken up Mannich’s torch and made his life’s goal to annoy me.  Every step I took in the city was echoed by Meldeth, who threw in the occasional emote for good measure.

I eventually ended the whole thing by entering a battleground, much to the chagrin of Meldeth who begged for me to stay.  What started out as a bored Horde player annoying me, turned into a pretty interesting, and fun, night of world PvP.  Perhaps next time I cross paths with Meldeth or Mannich I’ll even feel a touch of sympathy for them as I’m kicking them in the face.

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  1. I can’t help but to think of the player in real life. What kind of person is he? How old? Is he laughing or really upset? To follow you all the way into the city is kind of pathetic to me. Maybe he is in his ventrillo server talking shit about you and bragging about how he’s harrassing you. Maybe he fell in love with you. Kind of like how little boys pick on the little girls they have a crush on.

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