I sent my wife a World of Warcraft Recruit-a-friend promotion email.  The message I sent along with it was, “Hey, it’s worth a shot… love you! :)”.

I know she doesn’t want to play; once we quit EverQuest II she swore off MMO games for good.  She’s tried WoW before, back in 2005 on a ten day trial and after just an hour of playing concluded that she hated it.  Several times, while watching me play over my shoulder, she’s commented that WoW “looks so stupid”.  I’d love for her to play again, but the odds aren’t in my favour.  We’ll see.

Last night my Shaman got together with Kuarlos (Warrior) and Grahn (Druid) to finish off the group quests we had left in Terokkar.  The undead dragon above is Teribus the Cursed, a dragon we summoned for the Evil Draws Near quest.  After using the Dread Relic to summon him it seemed like nothing was happening.  Had I looked up of course, I would have seen Teribus spiraling his way down towards us, but as it was, I just stood there looking at my freshly placed Dread Relic wondering why nothing was happening.

Just as I finished typing something to the effect of “let’s go already” in group chat, Teribus “the Big Huge Honkin’ Dragon” landed on my face.  I was honestly not expecting it and had a genuine damn that’s freakin’ cool moment.  I’d like to say that I immediately sprang into action and laid a beat down on him, but in all honesty, the first thing I did was zoom out as far as I could and took some screen shots, while Kuarlos and Grahn did the heavy lifting.  It was hard getting a good picture because it took up my entire screen.

After dispatching Teribus, we moved on to Terokkarantula, an equally impressive large spider.  In case you can’t tell from the screen shot above, Kuarlos stormed right in and started whacking away at the great beast, while both Grahn and I stood back and took some screen shots while admiring the view.  We eventually reinforced the fearless warrior and took the spider down without any trouble.

I believe I have now done all the quests in Terokkar, putting me just two and a half bubbles away from level 67.  Level 70 feels so close I can almost touch it.

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  1. I ended up convincing one of my friends to try the recruit a friend thing WoW has going on – even though he already had a WoW account, he bought a new one and transferred one of his old characters over there.

    The 90 days of linked game play is amazing. 3x as much exp for quests and kills while you’re grouped is fantastic. While we’re not playing heavily, maybe three hours once a week or slightly more, we’ve managed to climb from 22-30 in those three hours. Being able to summon one another is fun too. The game may already be quite easy to level up through, but having an extra incentive is always nice.

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