Grouping with the Son of Jor-El

I haven’t read comics for quite a while so you’ll have to excuse my ignorance, but since when has Superman been a Dwarf?

A friend and I had just finished off the elites for the mastery quests in Nagrand when we decided to finish off some of the other group quests we had in the zone. Rather than slogging our way through yet more elites on our own, we decided to put out a call for help. Our message to general chat was something along the lines of: LFM to kill Master Planner and Durn.

We got one response immediately, from a level 70 Dwarf Hunter. Only after inviting him to our group however, did we learn that he had no idea who those mobs were or what quests they were part of. Once we told him, he was off to go and get said quests. Of course, they’re part of chains which he had yet to start. “No problem,” said the Dwarf, “I’ll whip through them real quick”.

To his credit, he did indeed whip through them very quickly, updating us on his status the whole way. He was also more than eager to inform us that he was fully decked out in epic gear, so we got to hear how easy the quests were for him. Not only that, he informed us that he “accidentally” ganked a Horde player. “I didn’t mean to kill him, just wanted to scare him a little, but my Uber Sword of Leetness was too much for him, LOLZ!”.

His chatter was non-stop, mostly about how awesome he and his gear was. My friend whispered to me, “he sounds a little flakey”. Yeah, you think? If I had been thinking straight I would have taken a screen shot of the chat log, because, while quite annoying, I still found myself quite fascinated in what he was saying. Kind of like when you’re flipping through the TV channels and you stumble upon a movie that’s so bad, so terribly horrible, that you just can’t stop watching. Or am I the only one who does that? On that note, I highly recommend checking out Android Apocalypse starring Joey “I’m a serious actor now so call me Joseph” Lawrence. Woah!it’s terrible.

Anyway… to make a long story short, Mr. Dwarfy McUber was actually a fairly formidable little bugger and we did manage to kill both the Master Planner and Durn the Hungerer. As long as the job gets done, I suppose…

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  1. This post right here is a fine example of e-peen stroking

    Did you guys inspect his gear? I bet you that it’s all PvP epic gear, aka, “welfare epixxxx”. I haven’t met a hunter that is decked out in epic gear from PvE encounters.

    Annoying ‘tards like that comes in all levels. Ever get challenged in the starting areas at LEVEL 2 for a duel and when you decline asks you if you’re scared?

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