Keying in on Kara

Karazhan. Before I started playing World of Warcraft it seemed as though Karazhan was all I heard about from my friends who were into the game at the time. It eventually got to the point where I started to wonder if Burning Crusade had any other content aside from Kara.

I now find myself standing on the precipice of that infamous instance.

Of course, one doesn’t simply walk into Karazhan; a chain of quests needs to be completed beforehand. As such, I found myself heading into the Shadow Labyrinth at Auchindoun with four trusty friends at my side.

I was pumped. The only previous dungeon experience I’ve had in Burning Crusade was a quick run through Hellfire Ramparts, so I was looking forward to a new experience. Furthermore, this was also the first chance I’ve had to partake of a group comprised fully of “real life” friends taking on equal level content. The group consisted of:

  1. Choober – 70 (Prot) Paladin
  2. Ordeth (me!) – 69 (Enhancement) Shaman
  3. Kuarlos – 68 (MS/Slam) Warrior
  4. Taiwar – 69 (Fury) Warrior (dinged 70 half-way through)
  5. Grahn – 70 (Resto) Druid

Things got off to an interesting start. Standing just inside the entrance, we began our preparations. Out of the blue and unannounced, someone who wasn’t the tank, I won’t name names (you know who you are, hang your head in shame), pulled a mob towards us. Everyone thought it was Kuarlos and Ventrilo erupted in a chorus of insults and other degradations hurled towards him; it was fun. After we finished killing off our unexpected encounter, Kuarlos made sure we all knew that he was innocent, revealing the true identity of our over-eager mob puller. Again, I won’t name names to protect the guilty, but needless to say, myself, the Pally, Druid and Kuarlos were very forgiving and we moved on.

As far as I could tell, the instance went very well. The first issue we had was with the third boss, Grandmaster Vorpil. We made a couple attempts at him but concluded we just didn’t have enough DPS to burn him down. Fortunately one of the mages in our guild was more than happy to come down and help us out. Kuarlos stepped aside for the fight but rejoined us immediately after.

The final boss, Murmer, also gave us a bit of trouble. After a few wipes, we finally decided to just grab the key fragment needed for the Entry Into Karazhan quest and give Murmer one last try, then call it a night.

On our final attempt, things were going extremely well. We had all gotten used to the encounter by this point and were running along like a well-oiled machine. That was before our healer ran out of mana however.

With Murmer clinging to just a shred of life, we slowly started to fall. One by one we fell prey to the huge elementals attacks. We were so close. All of our hopes soon shifted to Choober, the last of us standing. Surrounded by his fallen comrades, Choober mustered up all of his strength and fearlessly stood toe to toe with Murmer. Bolstered by our enthusiastic encouragement on Vent, the Paladin soon struck the fatal blow and stood victorious.

When all was said and done, it’s easy to say this was some of the most fun I’ve had in WoW to this point. It was great being in a group, even better that it was made up of friends, and better still taking on content that kept us on our toes.

I can’t wait for more.

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