Cap Hit

Ding! I’m 70. Actually, in World of Warcraft it’s more of a bwaahhrrouuuummm as opposed to a ding, but the latter is far easier to write. Regardless, after five months of casual playing I’ve now joined the approximately 42 billion other characters who have hit level 70. And really, that’s what makes it special.

I immediately headed over to Shadowmoon Valley and picked up my flying mount. After spending pretty much all the gold I had on me, I flew over to Hellfire Peninsula and took a look at Doom Lord Kazzak.

I must say the drive to 70 seemed to go by rather quickly. At times it felt a little “grindy”, but on the whole, it was a relatively painless experience. I’m once again impressed with the options available for questing. I still have two zones (Netherstorm, Shadowmoon Valley) which I haven’t done a single quest in yet.

So now that I’m 70, what’s next? My first priority is to find some healing gear as I plan on respeccing to the restoration talent tree. I’ll also be focusing on getting keyed for Karazhan, and finally, working on getting attuned for Onyxia. That’s right… Onyxia, the poor old dragon that nobody goes to see anymore. I can’t wait to have a screen shot of her lifeless corpse on the blog.

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