Time In WoW Terms

I was off work early this past Friday.  When I returned the next week, I came upon the following email discussion which occurred between my email buddies after I had left.  It puts the doldrums of waiting for a Friday to end in a whole new nerdish light.  Enjoy.

Marc: Hey, link how much it costs to speed up Friday’s.
Brian: 4 million gold.  Also, I seem to be getting only emails from Marc at the moment…
Joe: Dave sacrificed ½ day Vacation pet to end his Friday quest.
Brian: NOT FAIR!
Marc: I have 2hrs left of my hearth…
Joe: My total Griffon flight path time is 3 hours.
Brian: Hearth was better…Gryphon flight path time makes it sound like your ride home.
Joe: Fuck you Brian.

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