A Confession to my Groupmates

Remember last night while running through Scholomance and I ninja-AFK’d causing the group to wipe due to lack of heals?  Remember when I apologized after, informing you that I had to attend to my baby daughter for a  second?

Yeah…  I was actually alt-tabbed out of the game fooling around with my Ventrilo settings trying to figure out why text-to-speech wasn’t working.

After hearing Kuarlos say, “Don’t let me die!”, I flipped back to the game only to see that Kuarlos had indeed died, and so did everyone else.  I then just sat there, making it look like I was AFK.

But I wasn’t.

I just sat there and watched you die.

Then lied about it.

10 Replies to “A Confession to my Groupmates”

  1. Group wipes are just part of the game. You shouldn’t cause wipes intentionally or carelessly but there is for sure no need to whine about it or lie about ninja AFKs especially when playing with friends and guild mates.
    Don’t lie about your mistakes, admit them to others and learn from them and people who are worth your time will like you even more for it ;).

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