Life at 70

I’ve been level 70 in World of Warcraft now for a couple of months.  Since then, my time in game has dwindled to the point where I think I played for maybe three hours total over the last two weeks.

Most of this has been due to a plain old lack of time to play, but there is a part of me that’s not finding a whole lot of things to do in game.  There are the dailies to do, but those to me are the very definition of a grind.  Battlegrounds don’t really appeal to me, nor do the arenas given how badly I get slaughtered by the super twinks.  That leaves running through instances, which I love doing, but generally don’t have the time for on a daily basis.

So what does someone in my situation do?  If I were any sort of rational thinker I’d quit playing MMOs altogether of course, but that’s just crazy talk.  So how have I been spending my limited play time?

For the most part I’m working on my blacksmithing skill, which has proven to be an unending source of pain.  I’ve maxed my mining skill but of course I never kept any of the stuff I mined, so now I’m forced to go back and re-mine the materials I need or buy them off the auction house.  Buying them off the auction house has dwindled my savings to third world levels.

So it was, that I found myself out in Badlands looking for Iron Ore.  I soon stumbled upon a Horde party of three, all in their mid-thirties.  There was a Priest, a Warrior, and some other class I didn’t get a chance to see, whom I’ll call Brave One.

I walked up behind them and with the Priest targeted, cast my chain lightning.  Brave One obviously saw me in my casting animation because he immediately turned and sprinted in the opposite direction.  It was quite hilarious to see; he just bolted off into the distance.  The Priest, taking the full brunt of my chain lightning was down to just a sliver of health, and the Warrior was at about a quarter.  The two of them just sat down and waited for me to finish them off, which I didn’t hesitate to do.

I then continued on my mining excursion and two minutes later came across the same party of Horde.  I walked up behind them, not intending to attack.  Brave One again took off like a shot of lightning.   I guess he doesn’t like dying.  The Priest, in a futile act of defiance cast a fear on me, then mounted up alongside the Warrior and took off.  Once the fear wore off however, I was able to catch up to them easily with my faster mount.  I one-shot the Priest with Frost Shock, then caught up to the Warrior and killed him with an Earth Shock and a few whacks of my hammer.

I used to hate it back when I was lower level and some level 70 knob came around and killed me.  I never understood why they would do it.  Why waste their time?  What were they trying to prove?  Now I am that knob, and I have the answer.  Boredom.  Plain and simple.

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