Too Many Options

How come whenever I walk through the aisles of Best Buy (or whatever other electronics store I’m in) I can pick out fifty different things I’d love to buy, yet now that I have some actual gift certificates in my hands I’m at a complete loss as to what to do with them?

There are four games that are currently on my “want list”. They are, in no particular order, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (PC), Fifa 09 (Xbox 360), Fallout 3 (PC), and Galactic Civilizations II (PC). Of those listed, Fallout 3 is the closest thing to a “must have” for me. The problem with that however, is that it’s not due out on shelves until the end of the month. In the meantime, I’m kind of leaning towards picking up The Witcher. I haven’t played it apart from a couple of minutes in the demo to verify it ran well on my PC, but everything I’ve read indicates it’s a great game.

The other day I actually had The Witcher box in hand, ready to be purchased, when I talked myself out of it. Why? Well, sitting back home on my hard drive lies an unfinished Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. While I absolutely love that game, it lies unfinished because of another little game you may have heard of called World of Warcraft. Given that I was starting to feel a touch of burnout with that game you’d think it would be a perfect time to shift focus back to my other games, like Oblivion, but I rolled an alt instead.

I’m pretty sure I already know how this is going to end. I’ll pick up The Witcher tonight on my way home from work because there were only four copies on the shelf and for some reason I have it in my head that if I don’t pick it up right away, I’ll never see those boxes ever again. Then I’ll throw it on top of my “games to get to later” pile and load up Oblivion to finally finish it once and for all, clearing room for my new purchase.

After running around Oblivion for a few minutes I’ll start to wonder if any of my friends are logged in to WoW. I’ll quit Oblivion, and jump into WoW “just to check the friends list real quick”. Before I know it, it’ll be time to get to bed so that I’m not too tired for work tomorrow where I’ll sit at my desk and ponder which other new game I’d like to try.

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  1. I know that feeling well.

    I moved cities a couple of years back and never fully unpacked once I got moved into my new place. A few weeks back, I got the itch to fire up the old Playstation 1 and skip around Final Fantasy 7 a bit. As I was digging all of my PS supplies out of the box, I found 3 games I had purchased still wrapped in the cellophane wrapper.

    Games I just “never had time” to get to because playing them gave me the feeling that I was missing out on something in some other game.

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