Rollin’ With My Gnomey

Pictured here is my newly created Gnome Mage in the process of casting a Fireball spell for dramatic effect.  Isn’t he cute?

After reaching level 70 with my Shaman I found that none of the end game options appealed to me all that much and he has therefore been more or less placed in a holding pattern, awaiting the new expansion.  I still bring him out for the occasional instance run, but I decided that I’d rather roll an alt than grind for faction and reputation.

Being a Gnome, my journey started in Dun Morogh, and I could immediately sense the increasing age of the zone.  The quests were fairly cookie-cutter “kill x number of y” or straight forward Fed Ex quests.  I didn’t get any real sense of direction or motivation from these quests; they were just a means to an end.  In contrast, I found the starting quests for my Draenei character much better done.  There was an overarching story to my actions which I just didn’t get from the Gnome quests.

I powered through the starting quests though, and soon found myself in Loch Modan.  I really like Loch Modan, it’s a great looking zone, but it didn’t take long for me to run out quests there.  The other problem I had with the zone was all the hills.  As a tiny little Gnome it was tough to see over all those hills and I frequently ran into mobs I wasn’t expecting.

This also marks the first time I’ve played a Mage type character.  For whatever reason I’ve never played a finger waggling, damage dealing caster before, and there has definitely been a learning curve for me.  Even at low levels, my Shaman had great survivability.  If he was low on health and out of mana, he was still often able to finish off that unexpected mob that spawned on top of him.  Not so with the mage.  I’ve just now gotten to the point where I can mostly handle two mobs at one time, but throw in a third or an ill-timed spell resist and I’ll find myself at the nearest graveyard.  I’ve had a lot of those graveyard runs so far, making this leveling process pretty slow when you factor in the additional downtime between pulls.

Regardless, it’s been fun starting over so far, and I’m hoping to visit all those zones I didn’t spend much time in on my first journey to the level cap.

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