Screenshot Challenge 2: Scenery

This week’s theme was “Strictly Scenery”.  The only rule was that your character couldn’t be in the shot.  Presented in the order of their submission, click each thumbnail for the full size.

Choober: Looking over Shattrath

Anoco: Zangarmarsh

Kuarlos: Unfair Beta Access Advantage

Dave: Moonglade (Yay, Old World!)

Insect: Another Old World shot, Tanaris

Other Bloggers:
Click here to see MMOG Nation’s entry, which forced me to change my plans of submitting a Nagrand shot.  Be sure to click through to the full size.

The theme for next weeks submission is, “Oh… crap!”  Do what you will with that, and be creative.  Pictures are due by Monday evening, to be posted for Tuesday, October 28.  If you have any other theme ideas, or would like to comment on any of the pictures above, leave a comment.

4 Replies to “Screenshot Challenge 2: Scenery”

  1. I love Dave’s – very nice!
    Though I have to admit I want to be on Insects beach…I hate Winter.


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