Screenshot Challenge 3: Oh, Crap!

This week’s theme was “Oh… crap!”. The only rule was to be creative and have fun with it. Presented in the order of their submission, click each thumbnail for the full size.

Choober: Free Falling

Anoco: Massive Head Wound

Dave: Look Behind You!

Insect: Look Both Ways…

Kuarlos: He Stands Alone

The theme for next weeks submission is Boss Battles.  I’m looking forward to that one. Pictures are due by Monday evening, to be posted for Tuesday, November 4. If you have any other theme ideas, or would like to comment on any of the pictures above, leave a comment.

4 Replies to “Screenshot Challenge 3: Oh, Crap!”

  1. I’m missing out on all the cool contests. See ya all in a week or so. I like Insect’s as well, unless he used something like WoW Model viewer. . …

  2. I don’t even know what WoW model viewer is. From the name I conclude that its a viewer that allows you to look at WoW Models. No, I used “PrtScn” and Photoshop.

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