WoW Invasion

I couldn’t be more impressed with World of Warcraft as it heads towards the release of its expansion, Wrath of the Lich King.  First, it was the halloween event which has been so well done, but add to that the Scourge invasion and it’s become very apparent to me why so many people continue to play this game.

Last week, floating Necropoleis appeared over various parts of the world, with a contingent of Scourge attacking all they came across beneath them.  I found some time to farm a few of these Scourge and ended up getting some pretty decent gear as a result.

I happened to be in the game when the invasion began and I couldn’t stop telling myself how well done it was.  I later found out something similar happened way back when Naxxramas was opened, but I’m still relatively new to WoW so I was still blown away.  The Necropoleis, as cool as I thought they were, were just the beginning however.

Zombies Invade Shattrath

It’s been written about elsewhere so I’ll skip over the details of the origins of the zombie invasion to say how awesome it was.  The event certainly wasn’t perfect (Lume the Mad has a good example of why) but I personally loved every minute of it.  This was a world changing event, which is something MMO players have been asking for for years now, and more importantly, it had a purpose.  If you didn’t know about the Lich King before, you more than likely do now.

Pallid Horror

The zombie invasion is now over, about four days after it began, but we’ve been promised more events to come, leading up to the expansion.  When I played EverQuest II, I constantly wondered what so many people saw in WoW.  Events like this, which bring dynamic content to an otherwise static world, has me no longer questioning why so many people play this game.

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