Screenshot Challenge 4: Boss Battles

This week’s challenge was “Boss Battles”.  I still haven’t received a full compliment of submissions from my regular submiters, but the masses are calling for this post to be published already, so here it is, minus entries from Insect and Anoco.  As always, click the thumbnail for the full view.

Grahn: Magtheridon

Kuarlos: Ragnaros

Choo: Shade of Akama

Dave: Onyxia

A theme for next week isn’t immediately jumping out at me, so I’m open to suggestions.  I should also point out that these screenshots aren’t restricted to just World of Warcraft (although that just so happens to be what we’re all playing right now).

4 Replies to “Screenshot Challenge 4: Boss Battles”

  1. I’m gonna have to be selfish here and vote for myself. Grahn’s pic has names which I hate seeing in screenshots, Choo’s is way too zoomed out and has names in it, though Akama is cool. Dave’s is neat too, but I’m just sick of Onyxia.

  2. I probably spent an hour reminiscing over my old screenshots while looking for one of Ragnaros. I’ve had some good times playing this game.

  3. Even though I didn’t have a good shot this weekend – I do feel a apart of the challenge as my body is lying dead in Dave’s Onyxia shot!!

    Well done to you all – Kuarlos awesome pic!


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