Slaying Horde for Canada!

For whatever silly reason, I’ve always wanted to create my own guild, so I did so the other day with one of my alts and ended up getting a pretty good laugh out of it along the way.

In order to create a guild in World of Warcraft you need to have nine other players sign your charter before handing it in to a guild master. Only one of my friends was logged in at the time so I had him sign it and got the rest of the signatures through the fairly common practice of paying low-level, unguilded characters one gold for their signature. The particularly character I was creating the guild with in fact, has signed three or four guild charters himself. Each and every time he’s done so, it’s been with the understanding that he wouldn’t actually be a member of the guild, he was just providing his signature and would be removed from the guild once it was formed.

So it was, that once my guild had been formed, I removed all the members, which, again, I thought was a fairly common occurance. One charter signee wasn’t too happy about it though. The following are some screenshots of our conversation right after removing him from the guild…

After Removal:

About a minute after that last message from Flashpriest, I received a whisper from “Aidinn” asking me how I was doing.  I had no idea who it was and thought it may have been a friend on a new alt.  It became apparent pretty quick who it really was:

In those last two screenshots you can see someone else looking for people to sign his charter.  I wonder if he heard from Flashpriest?

Anyway, when all was said and done, I went and created a guild tabard.  The screenshot below shows my best attempt at replicating the Canadian flag:

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