Borean Tundra, All Done-dra

I am confident in saying that I have now seen all of the content that Borean Tundra has to offer.  I believe that I have now completed every single quest available there, as there isn’t an exclamation point to be seen.  That includes all the quests in Coldarra as well as the ones which took me into The Nexus, which I was fortunate enough to run through this past weekend.  When all was said and done, I had gained roughly two and a half levels worth of experience.

My impressions of the zone are generally quite favourable.  While not the prettiest zone in the game (it is tundra, after all) it’s varied enough to be interesting.  It almost feels too varied however, like a hodge-podge of differently themed areas stitched together.  Of all those areas, I found three that stood out: Riplash Strand, Temple City of En’Kilah, and Coldarra.

The quests are fairly standard, and most were just variations on things we’ve all done before.  A few that stood out for me though were the DEHTA series of quests, the Murloc quests at Winterfin Retreat, and the quest line that culminates with Last Rites in the Temple City of En’Kilah.  It’s a rare occurrence for me to actually laugh out loud as a result of something I see in a game, but the quest that had me wear a Murloc disguise definitely elicited a chuckle.

I’ve now moved on to Howling Fjord, the other starting zone in Northrend, and I love what I’ve seen so far.  It’s look is more consistent than that of Borean Tundra, and even though I’ve just started the quests there, I’ve already come across several that had a “cool factor” that just isn’t present in Borean Tundra.

I’d be willing to bet that Borean Tundra was one of the first zones Blizzard worked on while making the expansion, while Howling Fjord wasn’t completed until later.  When compared to the rest of the game, Borean Tundra has a “more of the same” feel to it, whereas Howling Fjord feels more unique.  Actually, if I were to describe it, I would say the zone’s atmosphere is akin to that of a traditional fantasy role playing game.  I get more of a dungeons and dragons vibe from it, which for me, is a good thing.

I certainly enjoyed my time in Borean Tundra but to this point, I’m enjoying Howling Fjord a lot more, and looking forward to spending some more time there.

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  1. @gill2k: you can only use that suit in the Winterfin Retreat area, so unless you were going to hang out there all the time, the suit won’t do much for you.

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