Twas the Night…

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
The keyboard was clicking, in sync with the mouse
The party navigated the dungeon with care
In hopes they’d avoid aggro-ing the mob over there
Too late! They’ve been spotted, their hearts fill with dread
The Mage got too close, that stupid blockhead
The Warrior draws his sword, the Hunter lays a trap
The Shaman drops totems ready to scrap
When battle ensued there arose such a clatter
Swords were soon covered in blood and brain matter
Out from the Mage’s fingers there came a bright flash
As a fireball slammed into the mob with a crash
Out of the shadows there emerged a new threat
But the party was strong, there was no need to fret
All of the other mobs lay dead at their feet
But this new foe was different, for it was elite
It charged toward the party and let out a loud roar
The party replied, “we’re ready for war!”
“Cry Havoc,” screamed the Warrior, “I’ll keep you protected!”
Wait, what the hell? The Priest disconnected!
“I’ll do what I can, ” said the Shaman, “but I’m not specced to heal”
The Mage waved his fingers, and the Warrior his steel
The party fought hard, but it wasn’t enough
Lacking a Priest, the fight was too tough
One by one they soon fell to their death
The warrior yelled out as he took his last breath…

“Stupid healers!”

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Don’t forget to log out and spend some time with loved ones.

4 Replies to “Twas the Night…”

  1. Actually, I wrote it in about 10 minutes… I had started writing a completely different post and then my crappy inner-poet took over.

  2. Nice one David, your innter poet deserves a pat on the back. And now since I’m not at home and can never remember your email addresses, check this out: here!

    And when you’re reading that remember my son Tariq was born Dec 24, 2006!

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