It turns out that I didn’t enjoy questing in Howling Fjord as much as I thought I did.  I certainly enjoyed it more than Borean Tundra, but it seemed to drag on a bit too long for my tastes and I eventually grew bored of the content.  Given that I was level 74 while questing there, I could have easily moved on and left it behind, but I just needed to get that quest achievement.  Once that was out of the way, I moved on to Dragonblight and experienced some of the best questing I’ve ever done in any MMO.  Ever.

Wrath Gate

For the first time in months now, I found myself drawn fully back into World of Warcraft, especially once I had started down the Wrath Gate chain of quests.  The lore that this line of quests, and the zone in general has, is insane.  On top of re-living a few moments from Warcraft III, which was totally cool, I got to wage war against the Scourge, fly with dragons, and hang out with some of the biggest characters in Warcraft lore.  More importantly, there were a few instances where the phasing technology kicked in and I made actual changes to the game world.

At no point during my time in Dragonblight did I feel like the quests were a chore.  I was so captivated by the over-arching storyline going on that the time flew by, and without realizing it, I discovered I was only one quest shy of the achievement for the zone.  When’s the last time that 115 quests just flew by?  The bad thing now of course, is that my expectations have been heightened, and I’m anticipating a letdown in my upcoming questing experience.  I’m going to be heading to Grizzly Hills next and I’ve heard some unfavourable reviews of that zone.  But hey, I want that achievement.

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