Stalking My Prey

Stalking My Prey

I play on a PvP server because there’s just something that I find exhilarating about walking along, minding my own business, and suddenly stumbling upon an enemy player.  I like the immediate moment of uncertainty that sinks in, wondering whether they’ll attack me or leave me be.  Most of the time I pass the other by because I understand the frustration of just wanting to finish whatever quest you’re working on, but sometimes I get in a mood where I engage every Horde that I come across.


Lately, I’ve been in that mood.


Blame it on hitting level 77 and getting my Northrend flight training.  It didn’t take me long to discover just how fun it is to fly high above the ground, swooping down on unsuspecting Horde below.  I get such a rush from taking them by surprise and executing that perfect kill.  Unfortunately, I’m really quite horrible at PvP and often get my butt handed to me despite my element of surprise.  Even more frustrating than that though is when the other guy runs away; Rogues are the worst for that.


I’m no expert on all the different classes, but based on my limited PvP experience, here are my top three most hated PvP foes:


3. Druids – it seems that whenever I fight a Druid, I get off to a great start and it looks as though I’m kicking the crap out of him.  Then I’ll blink and the next thing I know I’m dead.  This class has so many tricks it’s just stupid.


2. Prot Warriors – it’s like trying to knock down a brick wall by slapping it with a feather.


1. Death Knights – I thought Druids had a lot of tricks.  This class is just ridiculous.  I normally won’t go near them. 


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