Blast from the Past

I was browsing the Xbox Live Arcade yesterday and noticed that R-Type Dimensions had just released.  Way back when I lived in Ottawa, The Chapel Hill Quickie Convenience Store in my neighborhood had an R-Type arcade machine into which I fed many a quarter.  The store was right at the end of my paper route and I’d stop in and play almost daily.  R-Type was the sole reason I begged and pleaded my parents for a TurboGrafx-16 which had a “near arcade-perfect” port of the game.

The TG-16 ultimately failed miserably in North America, but I loved that console.  I was big into shoot ’em up games and the TG-16 had the best library of them available.  Aside from R-Type, I can remember playing titles like Blazing Lazers, Super Star Soldier, and another of my favourites, Soldier Blade.  I was crazy-good at shooter games, and often impressed my friends with the zen-like state I entered when playing them.  The games seemed to slow down for me and I could fly through the hail of oncoming bullets like they weren’t even there.  I was Neo in a shoot ’em up Matrix.

I downloaded the R-Type Dimensions demo and smiled when the familiar sounds and music of the opening level flowed out of the speakers.  Three enemies in I flew into a bullet and blew up.  Times have changed.

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  1. Tiger Heli, Ikari Warriors, Raiden, etc were the coin-ops available in my area that ate up my quarters.
    Ghosts and Goblins was a game I was terrible at and I’m still conviced if “Fixed” that you can’t get past the first level in the actual arcade. Black Tiger was awesome too.
    Even though I revisted Balck Tiger in a ROM I downloaded and finished it I think I’m going to leave the others in my memory as some of the best games I have ever played.

  2. Chapel Hill is an area of North Carolina as well. lol I had to click on your link to see if there was any relationship lol. It’s where the University of North Carolina is, which is the home of the UNC tarheels basketball team.

    You probably already know this lol.

  3. I used to be pretty good at Raiden. Even when I was consulting in Winnipeg, there was a Raiden arcade machine at the airport. I would spend a few quarters there every time, on my return trip back to Edmonton. Not quite the same but in university spent a lot of money on Shinobi.

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