Bienvenidos a Miami

Every time I go on vacation I seem to completely forget about this site and neglect to update it, which, I suppose is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about gaming.

I’m currently in Miami, tagging along with my wife who is attending a conference here for work.  It’s nice getting out of the cold of Winnipeg, but dang is it crowded here.  We took a drive down to South Beach last night and very quickly regretted not taking a cab.  I’ve never seen so many cars and people all massed in one place, and apparently, traffic signals mean absolutely nothing here.  It looked as though the local drivers just made up their own rules and did whatever they wanted to.

After about an hour we managed to find a parking spot and took a walk along the beach and then up to Ocean Drive.  It suddenly dawned on me that we were walking through Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.  I haven’t played that game in years, yet I recognized the area instantly.  It was pretty cool.

In other gaming news, I popped in to a Circuit City to see if any deals were to be had what with the chain going out of business, and as reported by most other deal hunters, there weren’t very many bargains to be had.  The games are all marked at 50% off, but most of the good games have had their original prices jacked up so there’s no real deal to be had at all.  You have to really know your prices.  I did manage to find one deal however, and picked up King’s Bounty: The Legend for $20.  I’ve been interested in this game for a while now, but it’s still $50 in Winnipeg, so I’m a happy camper.  Other than that, prices, for the most part, seem to be the same down here as they are in Winnipeg, which means I’d end up paying more for them here after the exchange rate.

Okay, enough sitting in front of the laptop, I’m off to go do the tourist thing.  There’s a Best Buy not far from here I want to check out.

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