Are You Not Entertained?

Agronak gro-Malog

My name is gladiator.

Now that I’ve finished the main quest in Oblivion, I can return to all the things I had left for another day.  This weekend I focused on working my way through the Fighter’s Guild quests with one short detour through the arena.

With my heavy armour and blunt weapon skills nearly maxed out, my character has turned a corner, and combat encounters are typically over quickly and easily.  As a result, I find myself enjoying the game more now that I don’t have to constantly regenerate my health between encounters.  Confident in my characters abilities, I paid a visit to the Arena, and subsequently sliced through my opponents like a hot knife through butter.

For whatever reason I expected more of a challenge, but the only matches that posed any threat to me at all were the ones where I faced multiple opponents.  The one-on-one matches were really no contest at all.  I assumed the final match would be tough.  The NPCs in the area had built my opponent up so much, I figured our championship match would be one for the ages.  When the gates opened up, we charged towards each other, swords drawn, and then he stopped and begged me to kill him.  He just stood there, so I obliged, and smacked him down without any opposition at all.

Now that I’m both the saviour of the world and Arena champion, I’m going to continue my way through the Fighter’s Guild ranks.  Once I’m done that, I’ll finally head in to the Shivering Isles.

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