Achievement Earned: Level 80

My 79th Ding

It’s finally done.  My poor World of Warcraft character had been neglected, sitting just a fraction of the way into level 79 for weeks now.  My interest in WoW has been non-existent the past while and I had to more or less force myself to log in this past weekend and push my way through to level 80.

At this point, I’m unsure if I’ll continue playing.  Part of me would like to see through the rest of the quests in Icecrown, but another, increasingly more vocal part of me wants to quit the game already so I can enjoy the growing stack of games I haven’t played yet.

There’s still a lot of content in Northrend I have yet to see, some zones I’ve never even been in.  I also haven’t rolled a Death Knight, which I’m told is a must-do before quitting, so I’ll try that out in the coming days.  Beyond that, and finishing Icecrown, there’s just not much left in the game to keep me playing.  I don’t raid due to time constraints, and I have zero interest in arenas or battlegrounds, so what’s left for me to do?

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  1. A lot of “raids” are PUG’d now. What about heroics, gearing up and trying out a 10 man?

    One instance a night can’t harm ya.

  2. @Joe: Depends. If I decide to stick around and make an effort to get into groups, then I’ll respec to Restoration. If I’m just going to log in now and then to solo, I’ll stay Enhancement. I really don’t know how much I’ll be playing WoW in the near future, so I can’t say definitively. The choice would be an easy one if Kuarlos, Tai, and Gil still played.

  3. The twins are settling into a normal evening routine. So by about 7pm MST they are usually asleep for the night. I’m getting back into gaming very slowly. Spend an hour or so on a random evening on Left4Dead and Team Fortress 2 (tons of fun so far). Put me on friends list if you have steam:

    I’d play through a DK with anyone on Jadenar if we could schedule a set day or two.

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