WoW Explorer

I’ve never been a slave to in-game achievements since they’ve been around.  It’s just never been anything I’ve been too concerned about and as a result, I’ve never focused on achieving them.

World of Warcraft introduced an achievement I was interested in however, and this past weekend I worked towards the World Explorer achievement and my character can now be known as <Ordeth the Explorer>.  In short, I’ve now explored every zone in the game, which wasn’t incredibly difficult, just time consuming.  Fortunately I’m typically a little obsessive compulsive when it comes to revealing the in-game maps, so most of the zones I had been in while levelling were already fully explored.  When I set out to get the achievement I only had a few of the Horde zones to visit along with a few points in various other old-world and Outland zones.

One thing I kept thinking of while doing this was how well done most of WoW’s zones are.  You can certainly tell that a lot of thought went into each area.  I also stumbled upon a few areas that don’t seem to serve any purpose, perhaps intended for something that was never implemented or something yet to come.

Despite this achievement though, there’s still one area I’ve never been to… Wintergrasp.  I’m going to change that shortly.

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