We Can Be Heroes

I’m currently working on levelling my Blacksmithing skill in World of Warcraft which means I’ve been revisiting many of the old zones to mine the materials I need given that I’m completely broke and unable to buy them off the auction house.  These are the same materials I previously gathered while levelling my Mining skill but didn’t keep because “I wasn’t really going to work on Blacksmithing anyway”….  I guess I should have known better.

Late last week my Blacksmithing hit skill level 300 which meant I could now go to Outlands to farm materials, which in turn meant using my flying mount to search for nodes.  Farming life is so much easier with an epic flying mount.

I was flying around Hellfire Peninsula in search of Fel Iron when a call came out from a fellow Alliance player asking if anyone could do anything about two level 60 Horde Death Knights that were camping his corpse.  I’ve been there before, and it sucks, so I figured I’d help the guy out.  Death Knights are definitely over-powered, but being 20 levels higher than them, I figured I wouldn’t have any trouble with them at all.

I arrived on the scene and sure enough, the two DKs were circling the Alliance guy’s corpse, waiting to gank him once again.  I swooped in, popped my Feral Wolves and killed both Death Knights in a little less than five seconds.  Just for a further kick in the pants, I killed them again after they rezzed.

The player who had been corpse camped couldn’t thank me enough and kept gushing about how powerful I was.  Little did he know that I routinely get thrashed when going up against equal-level Horde players.  I wasn’t about to tell him that though, because sometimes, it’s nice to feel like a hero.

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