Ragnaros Down!

Ragnaros Appears

Behold Ragnaros – the Firelord!  He who was ancient when this world was young!  Bow before him, mortals!  Bow before your ending!
– Majordomo Executus

I’ve always considered it a bit of a shame that the longer a massively multiplayer online game lasts, and the more it grows, the more obsolete its original content becomes.  Once reserved for World of Warcraft’s elite hard-core raiders, Molten Core now lay mostly void of players.  It used to take a raid of 40 skilled and dedicated players to assault Molten Core and ultimately kill Ragnaros.  Molten Core was the type of place that the majority of players would have only dreamed of ever seeing.

Smile for the Firelord

Ragnaros is old news now; just another long forgotten mob whose time has come and gone, the spotlight having left him long ago and now shining down on some frosty guy up in Northrend.  He still gets the occasional visitor, those seeking an achievement, and even those just looking for kicks and giggles.  When I started playing WoW, I wanted to see two things above anything else: Onyxia, who I got to kill a while back, and the Firelord himself.  Last night all the cards fell into place, and I, along with five friends, ventured into the original end-game.

Our “raid” consisted of:

80 Shaman (Enhancement)
80 Death Knight (Unholy)
80 Rogue (Combat)
80 Warlock (Destruction)
80 Druid (Restoration)
70 Warrior (Fury)

    To spawn Majordomo Executus (who in turn summons Ragnaros) we needed to kill all eight bosses in the zone.  While none of the encounters were overly difficult for us in our state of overpowered awesomeness, I can certainly see how it would have taken 40 players to get through them back in the day.  Just reading through some of the strategies listed on WoWWiki shows just how much planning and precision some of these fights used to require.

    Seeing Ragnaros appear from the lava was quite awe inspiring; in a word, he’s huge.  Our first attempt ended in a wipe.  We picked ourselves up however, and went right back in.  Our second attempt went much better, lasting about six minutes before Ragnaros was killed with all raid members alive and kicking.


    The fight itself wasn’t anything spectacular.  Our level and gear advantage meant we didn’t really have to worry about his abilities too much, relying instead on a tank and spank approach.  Obviously the experience will never live up to what it must have been like for those guilds who put all the hard work into beating Ragnaros the way it was intended, but I’ll take it.  It was really cool to see something I had never thought I’d see.

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    1. I think the last time I raided Molten Core at level 60 was also when I turned off visible player names…it hasn’t been on since. You should try it, it makes for better screenshots in my opinion.

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