I Am Noob, Hear Me Whimper

Anyone who has followed this blog for any amount of time will know a few things about me.  You would more than likely know, for example, that I’m witty, intelligent, and incredibly gorgeous.  Those are the obvious ones.  You would also know that “real life” has limited my gaming time a great deal over the past two and a half years.  It feels like I mention that fact in every single post, but there it is again for added emphasis.  This time it’s actually relevant to the post.

My usual routine in World of Warcraft these days consists of doing the Argent Tournament dailies and maybe a Wintergrasp battle.  I’ve managed to pick up some decent weapons from the Argent Tournament, but the rest of my gear has come from quest rewards.  Long story short, my gear is adequate for doing routine things, but not up to par for raids or heroic instances, and I’m fine with that.  Unfortunately, at times it seems like everyone else in the game expects you to be fully decked out in epic gear in addition to being an expert on every facet of the game.

After a routine Wintergrasp battle there was a call for people to run the ten man Vaullt of Archavon.  A couple friends joined and asked me to come along.  This was my first time doing the raid, and in fact, aside from knowing that it existed, didn’t know anything about it at all.  When all was said and done, I thought things had gone fairly well.  It took us no more than fifteen minutes.  Then a message went out to the entire raid:

[some guy with recount]: Wow, 733 dps, that’s pretty awful.
[some other guy]: WTF?  Who had only 733?

At that point, [some guy with recount] pasted the dps order showing that, of course, I was the pathetic fool with only 733 dps.  Thanks for pointing it out to the entire raid.  I’ve been in groups with friends who run parsers and I know I typically do quite a bit better dps-wise than that.  It was an anomaly and I don’t know what happened. I’m assuming it’s because I was too worried about screwing up to focus on doing damage, but that’s not the point.  We won the fight.  Loot was distributed.  Why do you feel the need to single someone out like this?  Ah yes, it’s World of Warcraft… land of the e-peen.

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