I logged in to World of Warcraft last night, and as per routine, opened my friends list to see who was on.  No one.  What to do?  My dailies were done, and Wintergrasp wasn’t going to be open for another two hours.  I pondered the situation for a moment and then logged off.  Just like that, I logged off.  Typically I would have wasted my time in some fashion or another in WoW, but last night, logging off came surprisingly easy to me.

I then decided to try a game I had purchased earlier in the day for $10.00 called Fate.  When I saw it on the store shelf I remembered hearing good things about it and figured “what the hell, it’s only ten bucks”, so I picked it up.  It’s an older game, from 2005, and there’s not much to the gameplay; it’s basically a cuter version of Diablo.  It’s also surprisingly fun and sucked away two hours of my evening.

After EverQuest II and World of Warcraft, I’ve probably sunk the most gaming time into Diablo 2.  I’ve tried revisiting that game recently and just couldn’t get back into it.  I’ve tried Titan Quest several times, hoping to recapture the original Diablo 2 feeling, but for whatever reason it never seems to hold my attention beyond a few play sessions.

This Fate game seems like it’s got what I’ve been looking for.

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  1. Hey David,

    I put some time into that little game as well. It’s a lot of fun. Well worth $10. I think there is now a sequel–although from what I’ve heard it’s not a great deal different from the original. I seem to recall times where I was being chased by half the dungeon as I made a mad dash for the up stairwell. Don’t recall anything quite like that in a Diablo clone.


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