Cheap Is Good

At the time of its release, I recall many favourable reviews for Dead Space.  The premise sounded cool, and the visuals were very nice, so I figured I’d check it out.  I downloaded the demo for my Xbox 360 and gave it a few minutes, ultimately leaving unimpressed.  The demo did nothing for me and I really couldn’t understand all the hype the game had been getting.  I never thought of Dead Space again.

A week ago a flyer arrived in the mail for Future Shop, one of my favourite stores.  Flipping through it my eyes widened at a promotion selling a bunch of Xbox 360 games for $9.99.  The promotion included titles such as Mass Effect, Too Human, Lost Odyssey, and Dead Space.  I decided I’d get Mass Effect for sure, and decide on any other games while I was there at the store.  As luck would have it I was home from work the day the sale started so I was at the store just a few minutes after it opened.  I was dismayed to discover that they didn’t have most of the titles they advertised in stock; I managed to pick up Mass Effect, but I wanted more!  They had Too Human, but I heard far too many bad things about that game so I took a pass on it.  Of the games they had, nothing else jumped out at me, so I just paid for Mass Effect and went home.

The more I thought about it though, the more it bothered me that I was missing out on ten dollar gaming, and for whatever reason, I now wanted Dead Space more than anything.  This was a game that I had shrugged my shoulders at and dismissed outright, but now I was driving all over town like a mad man checking the other Future Shop locations to see if they had it.  None of them did.  I checked again the next day and finally talked to an employee about it.  He told me they were expecting a shipment on Wednesday (that was yesterday as I write this post).  I checked the store by my work throughout the day but they didn’t have it.  I checked a different store on my way home and they also didn’t have it.  It was obvious after talking with some employees that there were many, many, other people looking for Dead Space.  Finally, an hour before the store closed last night, I phoned and asked if they had it in stock, which they actually did!  So I sped off to the store and picked myself up a copy of Dead Space for $9.99.

Reflecting on it now, I find it quite absurd that I went so nuts to get a game that’ll just sit on the pile until I get around to playing it.  If there’s any lesson to be learned though, I think it’s quite obvious that all games should be $10, because then I’d buy just about anything.  Except for Too Human I suppose.

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  1. I spent almost 2 months off and on trying to purchase a Wii for me and the Wife. The last few stages of looking became very obsessive where I would call several stores every day asking if they had one in. Finally, when I called one of them had it, I immediately left work, rushed over and made my purchase. That was about a year ago. I think I’ve spent maybe 20hours playing it and the last time I did was maybe 2 months back.

    So I understand where you are coming from.

  2. The full story to the above post was that I made Dave get me a copy of Dead Space as well.
    Unknown to him on that very day I was across town waiting for Future Shop to open. I purchased Mass Effect and felt I needed Dead Space in the worst way. Sold out I made an impulse purchase of GH: Metallica. So now I have 1 unopened copy of Mass Effect, 1 unplayed copy of Dead Space and GH:Metallica.
    BTW, GH:Metallica is AWESOME!

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