EQII Revisit: Still Not Feeling It

I logged in to EverQuest II again last night in an effort to maximize my fourteen free days to see if it can pull me back in to subscribing.

The main reason I left EQII a year ago was because I found the Rise of Kunark expansion to be a horrible, boring grind.  Quest after quest of “get me fifteen rhino horns”, followed by, “thanks for the rhino horns, but now I need twenty pristine rhino horns”, only to followed once again by “okay, sorry for all that work, but it turns out I really need super rhino horns”.  I couldn’t take it any more.

It probably didn’t help that I was levelling two characters at the time and doing the same content twice over.  My main character was a Berserker, which was just about the least wanted class in the game at the time.  Because of that, I decided to bring up my Mystic as quickly as possible, but by the time I had reached level 70 and started questing in Kylong Plains, most of the server population had moved on to the higher level zones.  I remember not being able to find a group for the life of me, so I soldiered on solo through to 73, and the grind just became too unbearable.

Upon entering the game last night, I found myself in Kunzar Jungle and opened my quest log.  I picked a quest at random and started working on it.  Fortunately there were no rhinos to kill.  It took a little bit for me to remember how to play the Mystic; its icons were even more foreign to me than my Berserkers were, but after a few close calls, I think I’ve got it down pat.

The graphics were still bugging me last night, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get over it.  The performance also seems to have taken a hit since I last played.  I used to play on the High Quality or Balanced settings, depending on whether I was grouped or not and I have it on High Quality now but it seems a lot more sluggish than I remember it being, and Balanced doesn’t look quite as good as I’d like it to.

I only managed to get an hour and a half of play time last night, but in that short period two things really stood out for me, and not in a good way.  There were no less than 7 server wide announcements of people getting their Mythicals.  Those were in addition to the 5 or 6 I saw the night before in just an hour spent in game.  For some crazy reason I thought these Mythical weapons were supposed to be rare and difficult to get.  What will they introduce in the next expansion, Super Mythicals?  It seems as though raiding guilds are selling raid slots to those with a whole lot of money and dragging them through their updates, which, to me, just seems kind of lame, but I guess it is what it is.

The other thing that stood out for me is that the Kithicor server chat hasn’t changed at all.  I saw the same people being complete ass-hats that I saw in there a year ago.  For all the crap that World of Warcraft takes for its “immature population”, I have to say, the WoW server I play on isn’t half as bad as the immaturity and e-peen waving of Kithicor.  I pity any new player who chooses this server.

I hope to continue my observations over the remainder of my free period, but so far, I’m definitely not feeling a pull back to the game.  Release EverQuest III though and I’d probably be on board day one.

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  1. Yesterday Kithicor was *exceptionally* mean, even for Kithicor. I disliked it, I actually spoke up against it, I was that aghast. The new levels of ‘mean’ that five people took the server to I just, don’t even have any words for it.

    “I have to say, the WoW server I play on isn’t half as bad as the immaturity and e-peen waving of Kithicor. I pity any new player who chooses this server.”

    I agree completely, and this comes from after playing extensively on Antonia Bayle, Lucan D’Lere, Najena, and Oasis. I’m only on Kithicor right now because of three very close friends, and if it was affordable for all of us to move we’d head to a new server right away, even if it meant leaving behind our level 50 guild and hall that we’ve worked so hard on.

  2. I’m surprised at this, although I only play on the Runnyeye server for EQ2 and the overall atmosphere is very good (it helps that a lot of Nordic people prefer to play on UK servers since they on average have a better command of English then us :P). There are a couple of oddballs, but really the server is a pleasure to play on.

    Part of that might be explained by the fact I started on and still play WoW, I’ve played on three different WoW servers in Europe and outside of the guild the game is pretty unplayable.

    The problems are rudeness and anti-social behaviour. I’ve had people swearing at me, seen a group of people opening mocking and ridiculing one of the people in a pick up raid group because his gear wasn’t good enough, and the whole “link ur achievements” spam really does cheese me off.

    Still, if you think too many people are getting mythicals. the next WoW patch is effectively giving everyone access to the same gear and better gear that the current top end raid instance drops. All for running the super easy 5 man’s over and over again, I really would not enjoy that grind and resent the way Blizzard treat their players like suckers if that’s the sort of content they are releasing.

    It both destroys the sense of progression mid expansion you get without actually putting anything new and interesting in to work at, this is because the new raid instance is just a arena with one of 25 previously released bosses turning up – I think I can skip this one. If any other MMO did this they’d get rightfully panned.

    Replay wise the low levels now are stupidly easy, with some friends we tried starting afresh, unfortunately we found that even instances that drop gear 7 levels higher then us are not particularly hard.

    End result is that a group of us are heading off to WAR to give it a go and ending our subscription, WoW’s just too easy now, maybe I outgrew it?

  3. This article is completely off base. First you claim that Kunark is a complete grind because you had to get some petty items for a quest. Well you just described every MMO out there. ALL MMORPGs have lesser quest for fill in. Have you done any heritage quest, Mythical? So you made a Mystic and leveled as quickly as possible, why are you playing a RPG? Why didn’t you go a blow some cash on a character, so you can start the game at level 80? You also claim that the graphics were bugged or sluggish. If there is a big out cry I could understand your point, but there is not. Your graphics is your own fault, this isn’t a console, and you do have to update drivers and such. Then you claim to have ass-hats on the chat channel, but you do know that can be turned off. And if you were in a guild you wouldn’t need general chat anyways.

    My suggestion is to quit playing MMOs entirely and stick with single player RPGS (with cheats), but there still will be grinding in those, so maybe stick with FPS games. Because it sounds like you want instant gratification.

  4. @Saryk: I played EverQuest II for three years. I’ve done countless quests, including just about every single heritage quest there is, on multiple characters. I’ve been in great guilds and have also been an active raider. When I say I brought my Mystic up as quickly as possible, that wasn’t from level 1… he was already 58ish when Kunark came out. I don’t know what on Earth gave you the idea I had any interest in starting at level 80, in fact, in all the MMOs I’ve played, it’s the levelling process that I enjoy the most and I typically get bored at the end-game. Unfortunately, Kunark wasn’t interesting enough for me to continue levelling in EQII.

    I don’t expect every new visitor to my blog to know my history with EQII so here it is in a nutshell: I loved the game for 3+ years but when Kunark came out it just didn’t do anything for me, and in my personal opinion, it felt like a crazy grind. If it’s working for you, then that’s awesome, continue enjoying the game.

    To address your other outlandish “points”, I didn’t say the graphics were bugged, I said they were “bugging me”, as in, I don’t particularly like the looks of them when compared to WoW. That’s not to say they’re bad, just that they don’t suit my tastes. In fact, in my post previous to this one I even said that surprised me because while I played EQII, I LOVED the graphics and would have defended them against any other game out. Thanks for informing me that I need to update my graphics drivers, I’ll look into that right away – although I have to say it’s really tough finding updated drivers for Windows ME these days. (That’s a joke by the way).

    As for your most helpful suggestion that I quit playing MMOs entirely and stick to single player games with cheats that will satisfy my desire for instant gratification…. in this very post I talked about my dislike of people buying raid slots to whip through their Mythicals. I figured, and hoped, they would be extremely difficult to get.

    Believe me, if I were into instant gratification I wouldn’t have gone back and edited this reply.

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